Women's Rock Climbing week in Joshua Tree

March 8-15, 2008

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Climbing at Indian Cove

Joshua Tree National Park is an ideal place to learn or to improve rock climbing skills. A fantastic playground to discover and explore, it can bring out the little kid in you, no matter what your age. The rock formations delight the eye with their beautiful colors, textures and shapes, their nooks and crannies, and cool, shady caves to rest out of the sun. The climbing features are equally varied: slabs, chimneys, corners, cracks-you can easily spend your vacation week here, and wish you had several more to keep on poking around in the desert. In the evening, you return to camp satisfied, tired and hungry. After a quick wash-up with solar-heated water, you sit in a circle with your new friends, and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked dinner prepared by our skilled camp chef and chief, Jan. As the sun sets, warming the rocks' rich red and gold, you look forward to a good night's sleep under the stars and another day of fun tomorrow.

For 8 years Kathy has been running this rock climbing camp in cooperation with Adventures in Good Company, an outdoor adventure company just for women. She always looks forward to this week in the desert with girl friends, as a highlight of her year.

This program is designed to introduce and/or refine rock climbing skills in a supportive, fun group of women. An equally important goal is a chance to immerse yourself in the unique beauty of the desert, with a well-run camp to make life comfortable and pleasant. You truly get away from it all in Joshua Tree, and at the same time have a chance to be very close to the essential things in life: nature, physical activity, friendship, food, drink, sleep, and peace.

Joshua Tree sunset.

Joshua Tree Women's Rock Climbing Week

Day 1
March 8

Flights arrive in Palm Springs, drive to our campground in Joshua Tree. Introductions and dinner in camp.

Day 2
March 9

Orientation, preparation, introduction and/or review of fundamental concepts and techniques, and climbing on nearby rocks.

Day 3
March 10

On rocks within walking distance of camp, we climb all day with a mid-day break for lunch and a respite from the sun (usually quite warm!).

Day 4
March 11

More climbing! We move on to yet third location near our camp and continue learning and having fun on the rocks.

Day 5
March 12

Rest and finger-tip recovery day. On this day we usually plan an (optional) easy nature walk and picnic in a date palm oasis, and afterward we can enjoy a hot shower and a good restaurant meal in the nearby town of Joshua Tree (Jan needs a break, too!).

Day 6
March 13

Back to the rocks, we often drive further into the Park to check out a new area to climb in.

Day 7
March 14

Still more climbing! We usually are able to offer to those interested, an opportunity to try a multi-pitch climb.

Day 8
March 15

Sadly, it's time to go home, after one more breakfast in the sun.

Moosedog Tower

Heading back to camp at the end of the day.

Climbing on the Feudal Wall at Indian Cove.
Who is this trip for?

This trip is for any physically active woman, of any age or fitness level, interested in either trying rock climbing for the first time, or in improving her climbing technique, getting more experience, or learning more about the sport and craft of rock climbing. Participants should be in good health, and ready to experience the camp life including sleeping in tents, limited access to washing facilities, and clean but basic pit-toilets.

Booking information

This program is run by Adventures in Good Company. For information on booking please contact AGC.

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