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We'll be the first to admit that we can be tough to get hold of. Our friends frequently give us grief for never being home. And, in choosing to keep our guide service "the biggest little American guide service" we don't have an office staff other than ourselves. That said, we do try to take advantage modern technology to keep in touch.

Our address in France:

Kathy Cosley et Mark Houston
Chalet Altinou
151 route de Lausenaz
74310 Les Houches

Our yearly schedule follows a fairly predictable pattern.

January through February - Skiing and ice climbing near our home in France in the Chamonix Valley.

March to mid-May - Hut to hut ski tours in the Alps.

mid May to early June - Usually we are home, taking a breather.

early June to the end of September - Summer alpine climbing in the Alps.

October through November - Pretty variable here. Often we are at home, or taking a Greek or southern European rock climbing vacation.

December - Typically visiting family in the USA.

Email us at:

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Call us at:

Our home in Les Houches (Chamonix Valley) +33 (0)4 50 21 2447
Kathy's mobile +33 (0)60 191 2477
Mark's mobile +33 (0)68 614 7058

  • Try the home phone number first.
  • If dialing in-country (eg. France to France) omit the + (the + is shorthand for 00 and when in Europe indicates an international call). Also omit the country code (33) but do dial the 0 in parentheses.
  • If dialing from out of country but within Europe, eg. (Switzerland to France) dial 0033, then omit the (0) after the country code, then the last 9 digits.
  • If dialing from the US or Canada dial 011, country code (33 for France) omit the (0) after the country code, then the last 9 digits.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Kathy Cosley & Mark Houston
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