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On this page we list several combinations of climbs that mesh well into a multi-day trip. These programs usually start with easier routes then progress to more challenging climbs at the end. Also, where acclimatization is unusually important, for example on the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc or Monte Rosa, we include a number of lower-altitude summits prior to the big objective.

Please note that all the itineraries that include the Matterhorn or the Eiger are difficult programs (as is the one with the Biancograt on the Piz Bernina) and are suitable for experienced and very fit climbers only. Please see the individual web page descriptions for more information and prerequisites.

Climbing on the Rimpfischhorn
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We have divided up our selection into four different categories of difficulty, using a simple symbology to show this. Click here to see a table with explanations. The combined programs listed here are in the "two-" or "three-mountain" range of difficulty.

Alps Combined Programs


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9-day Jungfrau, Monte Rosa & Mont Blanc
5-day Monte Rosa Traverse
3-day Piz Palu & Piz Bernina

12-day Mont Blanc, Matterhorn & Eiger
8-day Mont Blanc & Matterhorn
7-day Monte Rosa & Matterhorn
6-day Matterhorn Program
5-day Piz Bernina, Morteratch, Roseg & Palu
4-day Mönch, Jungfrau & Eiger

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