Marjorie and Conor, 6 days in the Saas Valley • June 15-20, 2019

As part of a longer trip across the pond, Marjorie and Conor joined Mark for 6 days of climbing in the Saas Valley of Switzerland.

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By way of introduction, on the summit of the Weissmies in perfect weather.


We began our trip with a walk up to the comfortable Almageller hut. Hugo and his team had just opened and we were there on the official first night of the season.


Lots and lots of snow still about. This is the view up towards the Portchengrat from the hut.


Our first climb, and our second day, was on the Dri Horlini, a long rock ridge just above the hut. In this photo we can see the starting pitches of the climb, on the skyline.


On pitch number 2. There are some 10 climbers hot on our tails. But we managed to stay well ahead of everyone.


After the lower off the big Gendarme, we climb up the final 3 pitches or so to the end of the technical climbing.


On the slab above the Gendarme.


All smiles on the summit of the Dri Horlini.


After a descent somewhat complicated by snow, we reach the easy slopes that take us back to the hut.


Moonset the following morning, as we organize our departure to the South Ridge of the Weissmies.


The moon sinks directly over the summit of the Allalinhorn.


The sun just touches the peaks of the Monte Rosa group.


Another team pauses at the pass between the Portchengrat and the Weissmies.


Looking up at the Weissmies from almost the same point. Mouse over the photo to see the route.


We take a brief pause on the ridge.


And the summit!


The descent was typical Weissmies, steep with one or two funky snow bridges.


The north side of the Weissmies. Mouse over to see the normal route and our line of descent.


For the following day, we planned to hike up to the Mischabel hut, with designs on the Nadelhorn.


The lift station at Hannig, our starting point for the approach.


Still a bit of snow on the approach.


The forecast called for rain and possibly thunder within a couple hours at the most. Not wanting to be on the metal ladders on a sharp ridge crest in a lightening storm, we elected to give up our Nadelhorn plans and return to Saas Fee. So it goes....


Conor enjoys the fungi on the hike down.


With a good forecast in the morning, we climbed up the Allalinhorn.


A few feet from the top.


And of course, the summit photo.


A heroic pose.


And the selfie.


Descending from the Allalinhorn.


With one day left, or more accurately, half a day of good weather left, we decided to head up to the normal route on the Jegihorn.


It was a mix of snow and easy rock scrambling.


The afternoon clouds build quickly.


A quick photo or two on the summit.


Conor looks off to distant horizons.


Marjorie enjoys the invigorating fun of a fast butt slide.


Thanks Marjorie and Conor!