Sue and Rachel ski touring with Kathy • February 1 and 2, 2014

Sue and Rachel came over from London to do some ski touring training with Kathy. They brought the snow with them!

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On our first day, we toured above La Flégère toward the Col du Dard. Though the weather was quite nice, we could see the clouds announcing a change to come.


Hurrying to start down again before the light changed!


Lovely snow on the upper half of the run. Toward the bottom... not so much. Kathy did not take pictures of the frozen ruts of course! She was too busy staying on top of it.


The following day was socked in and snowing hard in Chamonix. The weather was significantly better south of the border in Italy, so we headed up to the Cima Croce above the village of Arpy. Lovely skinning up through the still, snowy woods.


Breaking out above the treeline, we had thinly veiled sun alternating with heavier high clouds. Ethereal light at times.


A couple of large groups had an earlier start, and we had the benefit of their excellent skin track up through glades and bowls.


Though Sue and Rachel are both seasoned mountaineers, as we neared the summit Rachel announced that this was her first summit on skis! Looking eastward toward the peaks above the Grand St. Bernard Pass.


On top of Cime Croce, near the ruins of an old fort. The lower slopes of Mont Blanc in the background; the top was in cloud.


Though there were probably a couple of dozen skiers ahead of us, we still found some nice blank canvas on which to sign our names. Good, light snow too.


Pausing as we re-enter the tree zone.


The snow is still good down here too! Rachel rips it up.


Sue following suit, Yeehaw!


A bit of maneuvering down a steep trail over streams and through the thicker woods back to the village...


... and our reward! Italian hot cocoa! Thanks Sue and Rachel for a fun weekend!


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