Terry Appleton and Tom Carey, Swiss Alpine Climbing • July 3 to 6, 2005

Terry and Tom, both from Massachusetts came to the Alps for a week of climbing. They joined Mark for three days, hoping to include the Matterhorn. Conditions were quite worm in late June and this put the peak in reasonably good climbing shape. However, the storms arrived not long after Terry and Tom arrived in Zermatt and changed all that.

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This photo was taken early in the morning of our first day. The peaks looks to be in very good condition with little snow on the route. However, the big lenticular look ominous.


Our plan was to climb the Breithorn Half Traverse the first day, then up to the Hörnli hut on the second, with an ascent of the Matterhorn on the last. Here we are at the start of the half Traverse.


By the time we had finished the rock section, and were putting on our crampons, the weather had begun to move in. Big snow flakes began to fall.


As we traversed to the highest, west summit the clouds and snow flurries cam and went but the wind remained strong.


With the snow that fell that night, the Matterhorn was no longer an option. So we altered plans, climbing the fun "Kante" route on the Riffelhorn in the morning of day 2, and continued up to the Flualp hut on day three with designs on the Rimpfischhorn. Here Terry enjoys climbing in rock shoes high above the Gorner Glacier.


Sunrise the following morning as we make our way up to the Rimpfischhorn. You can see the new snow on the Weisshorn and other peaks behind.


Looking towards Monte Rosa and the Liskamm in the early morning.


Snowed up rock higher on the climb. The clouds came in as we approached the summit. Because of the funky forecast and "interesting" conditions, and perhaps simply because of good luck, we had the entire peak to ourselves.


On the summit of the Rimpfischhorn.


Downclimbing the couloir near the base of the summit tower.


Walking back to the hut after the ascent, with a view back towards the peak.

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