Craig and Michele And the Aiguille Dibona August 18 - 21, 2020


For this year's summer alpine adventure, Michele, Craig and Mark headed into the depths of the Ecrins Naitonal Parc with the hopes of climbing the remarkable Aiguille Dibona.


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The Dibona comes into view about halfway up the long approach to the Soreiller hut.


Finally, arriving at the hut with plenty of time to enjoy a brief rest and beverage of choice before dinner is served.


The line of our ascent. The route, named (awkwardly) Berthet - Boelle - Sept d'un Coup - Stofer, cleverly winds back and forth, avoiding the extreme climbing one would normally expect on such a steep wall.


Here, we are on second to last of the of the "Berthet" pitches. This is the upper part of the "tunnel" pitch.


The sun rises on the face as we climb the traversing last pitch of the Berthet, on our way to intersect with the Boell portion of the climb. The hut can be seen below.


Michele, on the traverse.


Several pitches higher we finish the Sept d'un Coup section (from the story of the little tailor who killed "7 in one blow", flies, that is).


After traversing to the Couloir Boell and climbing it for almost 50 meters, we traverse back right the the Stofer cracks.


And, several pitches later (5, perhaps) we arrive on the summit.


Michele on the second of 2 rappels.


Looking back at the summit. mouse over to see the descent route.


Early the following morning. The view from the hut. The previous evening we had decided to do a short route near the hut, then descend and drive back to Chamonix.


The morning's objective. You have to love the labeling of the routes in this sector.


Craig emerges into the sun at the top of pitch one.


Packed up and ready for the long walk down.


Mouse over to see the route and hut.


The next day, back in Chamonix, we climbed Gaspart 1er, on Pointe Gaspard.


Thenk you, Michele and Craig!

Mouse over to see the route.

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