Michele and Craig, climbing in the Engadine • July 22-27, 2013

Michele and Craig, now enjoying a bit of free time based from their Tahoe home joined Mark for two great routes in the Engadine / Bregaglia. We started with the Biancograt on Piz Bernina, then Piz Palu after a night in the Marco e Rosa hut. We finished with the rather amazing North Ridge of the Piz Badile.

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Michele and Craig, on vacation.


After a rather amazing tale of flight delays and misplaced baggage, we just managed to keep to our original schedule and get to the Tschierva hut late on Day 1. In this photo we are well on our way up the Biancograt on our second day.


Looking back down the ridge.


And on the rocky section between Piz Bianco and the summit of Piz Bernina.


And, the first of many summit photos. Piz Bernina.


Descending the rather soft snow down to the Marco e Rosa hut, where we spent the night of our second day.


Drying gear in the sun at Marco e Rosa.


The next morning, another beautiful day, we traverse the aptly named Bella Vista Terraces and continue on over the summits of Piz Palu. Here, we are looking back towards the Piz Bernina.


On the Bella Vista Terraces.


The first of the Piz Palu summits, the western-most.


Looking on to the main, central summit.


A view back towards Piz Bernina. Mouse over the image to see the route. Up from the right and down to the left. The Marco e Rosa hut is just out of view on the left.


And on the main summit of Piz Palu.


Descending the east summit. We continued down to Pontresina that night for a good meal and a fine shower.


The next morning we did a big car shuttle, leaving on in Val Masino, awaiting our planned descent from Piz Badile, and drove another round to the north-side trailhead for the hike in to the Sasc Fura hut, shown here.


We arrived early enough to enjoy the flowers and sunshine.


Mountain Ash and the Piz Badile.


The Sasc Fura hut.


Not a bad life!


Sunset from the Sasc Fura.


Looking down-valley, to the west.


And on the following day, on the North Ridge of the Badile.


And the summit!


The last rappel to the snow and the walk down to the hut.


Soft, sun-warmed snow on the way down from the hut. The Badile behind.


And finally, in time for a beer before dinner, the Gianetti hut.


This photo was taken the following morning. Mouse over to see the route of descent off the Badile.


We had a lovely, if a bit long, hike down from the Gianetti hut.


Down, down, down.


A beautiful part of the world.

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