Craig and Michele Young/Grau ski the Silvretta (pre Armageddon) February 22 - 26, 2020


Craig and Michele's ski season, parte deux (and perhaps finale!); we met them for 5 days in the Silvretta region. We did not know what was coming! We had a good time in blissful ignorance.


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Craig in his foil-the-face-recognition-software garb, and Michele.


Afternoon, day 1: above the Heidelberger hut


Day 2, we dragged ourselves over the Kronejoch in the worst wind we've ever tried to ski in (since last year's Tour du Ciel that is). So no photos, until we were safely at the hut. That is, we thought we were safe. Little did we know the Coronavirus was nipping at our heels. At this point, that storm had yet to hit (spoiler, we're all still healthy!).


A lovely day after, we headed up the Gamsspitze.


A good long amble up toward the peak.


Nearing the top.


On the summit, in calm and clear weather.


Negotiating a delicate passage off the top..


We had enough gas for a little side trip.


About to take a little trip down the rabbit hole...


And a one... and a two... and a... droppin' in!


Scootching through...


A smidgin technical in here...


Ahhh! In the clear again.




A big slope all to ourselves.


The next day, on to the Wiesbadener hut. I cannot tell a lie: the snow was ... not good.


But we got a little snow overnight, and a couple of hours window of nice weather before another storm was due to come in. So we wasted no time getting away in the morning for our exit homeward.


A bit of wind as we got higher.




And still higher...


At last we get our reward.


This powder piggy went weee weee weee weee... all the way home!


Epilogue: No, it was not that rosy. By the time we got to the ski resort and bus stop, a real howler of a gale hit! Freeeeezing wind and ice shards in the face!


When exactly is that d-%*$##@*-ed bus supposed to come????


Misery loves company, so they say. We had plenty of both. The wait was just barely too short for us to resort to calling the taxi.

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