Michele and Craig Young , Chamonix and Beyond • August 5 - 14, 2017

Michele and Craig, frequent co-travelers with Mark and Kathy, were back in Chamonix for a long week of climbing with both.

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The first day was spent rock climbing in the Aiguilles Rouges, but Kathy forgot her camera! So sad, we had a great day on one of our favorites, Mani Pulitti. Instead, here are Craig and Michele before their climb of hte Grand Paradiso (background) on day 2.


Other groups preparing and looking forward to the morrow's climb.


Up in the dark, we head out!


Dawn finds us at the edge of the glacier.


Higher on the route as the sun appoaches.


At last a bit of warmth!


The usual queue for the summit block. At least they're all photogenic! Nice colors, all!


Our turn in the sun.


Avoiding the crowds with an alternative descent.


A sea of clouds below, we head down again.


The crevasses are getting quite open in this hot dry season!


Heading back for that beer and a shower!


After a day or rest (and sitting out the rain), Michele and Craig joined Mark for another rock climb in the Aiguilles Rouges. This time is was the Index, and the route was the Brunat-Perroux, which climbs more or less directly up the east face of the peak.

Roping up at the base.


For most of the day, we were right at cloud-line, sometimes in and, thankfully, sometimes above.


Looking across to the Mani Puliti climbs. A busy day in the Rouges.


On the summit of the Index.


After our rappels of the impressive spire, we have only a bit more easy climbing to the descent.


On the second, and, sadly, the last, day with Mark, we were faces with some rather dreary weather. After delaying departure in Chamonix for as long as coffees and croissants would sensibly permit, we head up to Flegere to the Via Ferrata Evettes.


Fortunately, the rains more or less ceased for almost our entire time out.


Michele on the Via Ferrata.


Craig below on the monkey bridge known as the "Pont de Chamois".


Michele strides across the Pont Himalayen.


Craig, mid-span.


One of Craig and Michele's goals for this trip was a grudge match with Mont Blanc. Conditions having been so hot and dry this summer, Kathy was very skeptical we would get on it (in fact ruled it out). But then Mother Nature delivered a gift package: new snow and low temperatures combined with a forecast of sun and calm winds, just in time! We headed up to the Gouter hut in a winter wonderland in mid August.


The Grand Couloir, plastered in snow, is quiet and unusually lovely!


We are not alone in our quest, the Gouter Ridge is busy as we labor upward in snowy conditions.


From the hut terrace, folks turn out to watch a lovely sunset.


What they saw.


We also had the great luck of having two night's reservations at the Gouter hut, allowing a sane start time of 7:30am. The hut as we start out.


Great snow conditions high on the route.


A steep clamber over a crevasse...


A final steep slope to overcome.


And we made it! Warm, calm, tranquil, Mont Blanc like one rarely sees it.


After a second night at the Gouter hut, we have cold shade for our descent of the ridge and traverse of the Grand Couloir.


A local shows no interest as we head for the train. We'll sleep in a real bed tonight, he'll be happy in his own home. Au revoir for now!

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