Michele and Craig Young in central Switzerland • June 27 - July 2, 2015

Michele and Craig, from Lake Tahoe, joined Mark for 6 days in Central Switzerland. Great rock, classic and comfortable Swiss huts and fine weather all came together for a fun week.

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We started in the Bächlital and the Diamantstock. Here, Michele enters the big flats, just below the hut.


With the 2-hour hut approach over, we went in search of a climb for the afternoon. This is Knösperli, a fun and quite easy 5 or 6 pitch slab climb that virtually ends at the hut's doorstep.


easy but clean climbing on Knösperli.


Our main objective, however, was the classic East Ridge of the Diamantstock. Mouse over the photo so see the routes up and down.


With a 4 am breakfast we out before light. Here we are arriving at the col at the start of the rock climbing.


We are not alone, as a number of parties are gearing up for the climb.


The first, and crux pitch of the route.


looking off to the east, and the clouds flowing in from the north.


Higher on the route.


And higher still.


Finally, the summit of the Diamantstock.


After a bit of steep downclimbing we reach the easy snow of the descent. We continued out to our hotel in Hospental. A long day, indeed.


A rest day was called for. So we spent it on a relaxing hike in the Andermatt area. Getting to know the natives.


It was time to cut the grass for winter storage.


A good day for resting.




Our next climb was the Gross Furkahorn, via the wonderful ESE Ridge. Mouse over the see the line.


Great rock, often outrageously exposed.


Another perfect day.


Often the route is right on the very airy crest.


Arriving at the summit.


The next day, we hiked into the Sustli hut, just above the Susten pass.


As the walk is only a bit more than an hour, we took a relaxing stroll over the Kanzelgrat. This is the spiny ridge just east of the hut. The route starts on the left and ends on the right.


On the summit of the Kanzelgrat.


And back at the hut for a very comfortable evening.


The sinking sun lights up the clouds over the peaks to the west.


Our last climb of the week was the Trotzigplanggstock, often referred to, more sensibly, as the Trotzig. The route to the base is well marked.


Early morning light on the peaks to the east of the Trotzig. The summits are the Chli and Gross Spannort.


More fine and fun climbing on the exposed ridge.


Craig downclimbs into a sharp notch.


On Trotzig's summit.


The route down is well marked and the rappels are well set up. So nice.


Almost out to the car and the end of a fun 6 days.

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