Michele Iversen, Craig Young, Mark Foster and Barry Woolsey, Swiss Alpine Climbing • July 18 to 23, 2005

Four friends and fun-hogs joined us for a few days in the last part of July with plans to climb the Eiger's South Ridge as well as the Matterhorn. Michele and Mark are from California (San Francisco and Grass Valley, respectively). Barry hails from North Carolina, and Craig from Idaho.

We started with the Mönch, but the arrival of a storm that night nixed our Eiger plans. But we did carry on to Zermatt, and by the time it came around for the Matterhorn, the situation had improved considerably.

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Climbing on the Southeast Ridge of the Mönch. This was our first day. But we could see the thickening clouds and arriving weather. We got back to the hut just as the first snowflakes were starting to fall.


Looking southeast from the summit of the Mönch, with the Fiescherhorn peaks and the Finsteraarhorn in the background.


Michele, Craig, Barry, Mark and Mark on the summit of the Mönch.


The night after our Mönch climb the wind howled and snow flew. The following day the weather was too poor to consider anything other than an expeditious descent to the valley. Here, we are heading for the Jungfraujoch railway.


We continued on to Zermatt after coming down from the Mönch and spent the night there. The weather cleared the following day and we had a great climb of the Breithorn Half Traverse. In this photo Michele, Craig and Kathy climb along the airy crest.


Looking down on Kathy as she climbs one of the many rock pitches. Michele and Craig below


Mark, Mark and Barry about a third of the way up the climb.


Craig, Michele and Kathy on the final snow arete to the summit of the Breithorn.


Kathy, Mark, Barry, Michele and Craig on the summit of the Breithorn. You can see that the east face of the Matterhorn behind is beginning to clear of its now snow.


Beers after the Breithorn.


Just for an additional bit of fun, the following morning, before we did our hike up to the Hörnli hut, we decided to do a quick trip down the via ferrata of the Gorner Gorge. we were joined by Mark's wife, Fran, who described the outing as "Really cool!".


Mark on the "Tarzan swing" section.


Looking up at the Matterhorn from the Hörnli hut. The route looks to be in excellent condition, and indeed it was. The weather the day before our climb was quite windy and cold, but our summit day was superb.


Michele and Craig on the summit. For this climb we were joined by guides Miles Smart and Michael Silitch.


Looking towards Monte Rosa from the summit of the Matterhorn.


Michele on the descent.


Craig relaxes, gazing into the abyss on the descent.

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