David Dougherty and Joseph • August 4 - 8, 2017

David Dougherty continues his love affair with the Alps, with another visit to the Zermatt area, and another, his second, climb of the Matterhorn. (see the 2007 link to the right).

We had what I think were possibly the best climbing and weather conditions of the entire summer.

After the big M, we were joined by Joseph, the son of his partner, Christine, for a quick ascent of the Allalinhorn, and also the Gorner Gorge.

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As we arrive at the Hornli hut, the peak looks dry.


Evening light over the Monte Rosa group of peaks.


The following morning, the weather is perfect. Hardly a breath of wind, nor a cloud in the sky. We arrive at the Solvay hut just after sunrise.


Higher, at the Red Tower.


We take a brief break to put on crampons just at the start of the fixed ropes.


And, on the summit.


The view towards Monte Rosa.


Congratulations, David on your second Matterhorn success.


Back down, after unroping, we had time to look back and savor the climb.


A quick stop at the hut, and then on down to Zermatt.


Not far to town.


After a rest day, we were joined by Joseph, David's partner, Christine's son, for a climb of the Allalinhorn.


It was a busy day on the peak.


Very warm. T-shirts on the summit of a 4000-meter peak.




The local guides have solved the problem of the big crevasse with an amazing bit of woodwork.


Two lanes, security ropes, and even a bit of snow insulating blanket to preserve the base.


Back in Saas Fee, we have a bit of lunch.


The following day, the weather changed completely. Under light rain, we do the Gorner Gorge.


I always enjoy the amazing rock formations in the Gorge.


Checking to see that our laces are tied.


And the last bit of hiking back into Zermatt, in a light misting rain.

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