David Dougherty and Nick climbing in the Zermatt area • August 10 - August 20, 2013

David Dougherty once again made his nearly annual pilgrimage to the Alps for some climbing. Joining him this time was is nephew, Nick. David, Nick and Mark climbed together for 3 days, enjoying the Breithorn and the Hohlaubgrat on the Allalinhorn. Then we all took a break for a few days. Another four days of climbing followed with David and Mark climbing the Eiger's Mittellegi Ridge, as well as a traverse of the Fletschhorn and Lagginhorn.

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David (left) and Nick on the Breithorn. A perfect day.


Looking east towards the central peak of the Breithorn, which we also "conquered", before continuing to the highest, west summit. From left to right are: Dufourspitze, on the very left edge of the photo, the Zumsteinspitze, the snowy Signakuppe, then, closer in the various peaks of Liskamm.


Looking towards the west summit from the central. The Matterhorn, behind.


For days 2 and 3, we climbed the Allalinhorn's Hohlaubgrat Mouse over the image to see the route.


With such a short approach to the Britannia hut, we took the morning to do a fun tour down the Gorner Gorge.


The comfortable Britannia hut.


Sunrise on the Hohlaubgrat


Looking up to the last 300 meters or so of the route. The infamous rock step can be clearly seen.


Another view of the same part of the route, taken from the Allalin lift station on the way down.


David and Nick on the summit of the Allalinhorn.


After our break, David and Mark continued on to the Eiger. Here we have a few technical pitches on the way to the hut.


The Mittellegi hut with the Eiger behind.


Climbing on the Mittellegi Ridge. the hut can be seen lower down on the crest.




Close to the summit, we don crampons for the beautiful snow crest.


And a bit more rock.


Looking east towards the Wetterhorn.


The summit of the Eiger, clearly the place to be. The Jungfrau is the big peak behind on the left.


Another view of the summit.


Descending the steep steps on the South Ridge.


Looking back at the Eiger from the end of the major difficulties. Mouse over to see the route, up the right and down the center.


Another party on the "descent" of the South Ridge. They have to climb up and over the rocky tower.


For our last 2 days, we did the Fletschhorn - Lagginhorn traverse. Another short hut approach to the Weissmies hut.


David on the summit of the Fletschhorn


The view to the Lagginhorn from the Fletschhorn. The North Ridge is the sun-shadow line.


We had a nice view from the summit of the Fletschhorn. Move the scroll bar to see the panorama. And mouse over for labels.


Crossing the Fletschjoch on the way to the Lagginhorn.


Scrambling on the scenic North Ridge of the Lagginhorn.


Looking back down the North Ridge, towards the Fletschhorn.


The summit of the Lagginhorn.

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