David Dougherty, Obergabelhorn, Zinal Rothorn and Alphubel • July 29 - August 3, 2015

Could it really be our 12th season together? However many it has been, David once again joined Mark in the Alps.

One of the goals of this trip was the Leongrat on the Matterhorn, but the long stretch of hot weather caused a large rockfall, and the route was closed. We contented ourselves with the Obergabelhorn, the Zinal Rothorn and Alphubel.

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Sunrise over Dom on our way up the Wellenkuppe, and Obergabelhorn.


Almost to the summit of the Wellenkuppe. New snow from the previous night made for rather more interesting climbing.


The Obergabelhorn, seen from the Wellenkuppe.


Climbing the fixed lines on the Grand Gendarme, Obergabelhorn.


On the summit of the Obergabelhorn, the Rothorn and Weisshorn behind on the left.


Descending the Wellenkuppe.


Back at the hut. It feels good to get out of the boots.


The next morning was Rothorn-day. Moonset at sunrise with the Matterhorn, Wellenkuppe, Obergabelhorn and Dent Blanche.


The first rays of sun, on the snow arete of the Rothorn.


Rounding the Gendarme on the Rothorn


On the summit of the Zinal Rothorn.


Looking back up at the Rothorn, from the snow ridge.


Ibex, taking their ease, near the hut.


With a day of bad weather in the forecast, we took a break in Zermatt. The new snow left by the storm suggested that something not so rocky might be in order. We hiked up to the Täsch hut to do the Alphubel.


Edelweiss near the Täsch hut.


Moon over Breithorn at dawn.


The first rays of sun on Monte Rosa.


Another party on the Alphubel. The Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn behind.


Looking up at the final slopes of Alphubel's, SE Ridge.


David on the summit of the Alphubel.

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