David Dougherty and Christine Bechameil, in the Alps • July 31 - August 9, 2016

David Dougherty, from Wales, joined Mark again this year.

With some dubious weather initially, we opted for a "new snow friendly" summit to begin – the Bishorn. We continued on with Pointe Zinal.

Then, after a tree-day break, Christine Bechameil joined us for a "heavy-weather" attempt on the Aiguille du Tour.

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The newly refurbished Tracuit hut. The giant windows in the dining room are only appropriate for such a grand view.


While most of the route up the peak was in cloud, we did get a brief clearing as the summit neared.


The summit of the Bishorn, with the Weisshorn behind.


Back down into the mists on the descent.


With more less-than-ideal weather forecast, and a need for a bit of rest, on day 3 we limited our ambitions to the via feratta above Zermatt.


Someone has a sense of humor. The tap was dry.


With better weather arriving, we had hoped to climb the Matterhorn, but the hut was "fully booked". So, as a very satisfying alternative, we turned our attention to the South Ridge of the Pointe Zinal.

The Schönbiel hut and the Matterhorn.


Late afternoon light on the Matterhorn's NW aspect.


The following morning, the sun lights up the high clouds.


The Pointe Zinal is the peak on the left. Our route climbs to the Col Durand (center) then up the NE Ridge (hidden in this view). Then we traverse the north to south, coming down the easy ridge coming towards us in this photo.


Looking south from the main (north) summit.


Descending off the north summit.


Looking back towards the north summit from mid-ridge.


The final fantastic little pitch to the south summit.


After a three-day break, David was joined by his friend Christine. On a beautiful day, with a dubious coming forecast, we hiked into the Albert 1er hut with designs on the Aiguille du Tour.


The Glacier du Tour in the late afternoon sun.


And sunset from the hut.


The nest morning, we woke to overcast skies, but still dry. After a 4 am breakfast we were out the door. About and hour later we are starting our crossing of the glacier.


A bit later, as it slowly dawns, we see all manner of threatening cloud.


And by the time we reach and cross the Col Superior du Tour, it is snowing heavily.


Still smiling.


Other teams coming and going at the Col Sup. du Tour. Some are heading down, others to the Orny hut and their continuation of the Chamonix to Zermatt Haute Route.


A brief lull lower on the Tour Glacier.


And the lift down to Charamillon and Le Tour.

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