David Dougherty and Christine Bechameil in the Zermatt area • August 10 - 14, 2014

For the 11th year in a row, David Dougherty made the short hop over the Channel to do a bit of alpine climbing. Christine Bechameil joined him this time. With the summer's weather being "sub-optimal", we had to alter our original plans of Matterhorn and others. But we managed to get out every day, none-the-less.

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Our first day included the normal route on the Breithorn. Christine's first 4000er and, well, her first climb.


It was a blustery day, in and out of cloud, with lots of wind. But we did reach the summit.


Descending off the Breithorn.


Crossing the Breithorn Plateau.


With too much snow in the high mountains for the Matterhorn, we switched objectives to the Nadelhorn, above Saas Fee. Here we are hiking into the Mischabel hut in rather raining weather.


The ibex don't seem to mind, however.


The following day's forecast was reasonably good. Here, at about 5 am, we are putting on crampons as the route passes onto the glacier.


Looking up the glacier. The pass of the Windjoch is on the right, with the summit of the Nadelhorn on the left.


The view to the southeast as we approach the Windjoch.


And a few minutes later, the view to the east. The Weissmies is the big peak in the center.


Above the Windjoch.


Sunrise reaches the summit of the Nadelhorn.


The Stellihorn and clouds in Italy.


Not far to the top.


From left to right, David, Lagginhorn and Weissmies.


On the summit of the Nadelhorn.


Heading back to down.


Another party takes in the view.


Back at the Mischabel hut.


Walking back to Hannig and the lift down to Saas Fee.


On our fourth day, we did the Gorner Gorge.


Serious business.


Walking the plank.


The short wall just after the "Tarzan Swing".


And finally the pretty stroll back into Zermatt.


On our fifth and last day, we climbed the Allalinhorn. Mouse over to see the line


The view from the Allalin station.


The rising cloud ceiling chased us up the peak. Behind is the Weissmies on the right and Lagginhorn on the left.


Arriving at the Feejoch. Only 200 meter more to the summit.


Looking up at those 200 meters.


And finally, the summit cross.


Looking down to the south at others climbing.


And finally, the descent.

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