Grant Carnie on Mount Kenya • September 15 - 21, 2017

Though Grant has spent many a summer in the Alps (as you can see from the list on the right), he decided to venture further afield this last September. Mount Kenya was the goal.

We made a quick trip with only a few days for acclimatization, but it all worked in the end.

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The entire team: James, the boss, on the left, with Grant, Antony, Charles, Peter (our wonderful cook) et moi, all in the back. Sammy, David "Eskimo" (nick-named for his impressive red, white and blue down jacket) and Rova in the front.


After a late night arrival in Nairobi, we are immediately off to the mountain. We enter at Sirimon Gate.


Not your typical warning sign.


Unfortunately, KLM left one of my bags in Amsterdam. But they did manage to slip it onto a Kenya Airways flight only about 7 or 8 hours after my flight. With a stop at the airport in the morning to pick it up, we left Nairobi perhaps a couple hours behind schedule. But in the end, it was all fine, and we enjoyed an early evening's three hour walk up to Old Moses camp, our first stop on the mountain.


Though we had some rain on the hike to Old Moses, the following morning was reasonably clear. Lots of new snow on the mountain, however.


Jackson's Francolin.


James, all set to go at Old Moses Camp.


Grant and James heading up the Mackinder's Valley to Shipton's Camp. The rains did arrive in the late afternoon.


But, as usual, the morning was clear. Much of the new snow has melted and the mountain looks much more climbable that the previous day. The view from Shipton's Camp.


Not to rush things, we planned a couple day's hiking to help us acclimate. We circumnavigated the peak, spending a night at Mackinder's Camp on the opposite side of the mountain. In this photo the crew crosses over Hausberg Col, on the way to Mackinder's.


Passing by Nanyuki Tarn.


We arrive at a quiet Mackinder's Camp.


That evening, the clouds briefly cleared.


Looking west from Mackinders Camp.


The next day dawned wonderfully clear. Antony, Grant and James on our way up and over Point Lenana.


Austria hut with Nelion in the background.


Antony and Grant on Point Lenana.


The clouds roll in as we descend back to Shipton's Camp.


Descending into the mists.


Grant and "Eskimo" David at Shiptons.


The following day was summit day.

Unfortunately, I (Mark) had taken on a minor but rather debilitating viral infection of my inner ear (acquired back at home), and it flared up again the previous two days. Concerned that my balance would not be up to snuff for such a demanding climb, I decided to let prudence be the better part of valor, and asked James to make arrangements with a local guide to take Grant up the peak.

Fortunately for Grant, this one day was by far the driest of the all of our days. Grant and guide John enjoyed a good climb to the summit of Batian, back in time for a late dinner. As with all the days of this trip, it did, in fact rain, but not until both climbers were safely back at camp enjoying a well-earned cup of tea.


James and Grant at breakfast on our last day in the park. With Batian "in the bag" we move our departure up a couple days, and packed up for the trip to Nairobi.


Goodbye Shipton's Camp and Mount Kenya.


Hiking down the valley, again back into the mists.


Giant Lobelia and trekkers James and Grant.


Packed into the van at Old Moses, a not so flattering photo of me, Peter (in the back) and James, on our way back to the big city.

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