Grant Carnie, five days climbing with Mark • September 4-8, 2012

After a relaxing vacation with his wife in Italy, Grant added a few more somewhat less relaxing days to his summer vacation.

With new snow in the mountains, but fine weather lurking just over the horizon, we decided to begin with a quick climb of the Gran Paradiso. We continued on to bag quite a few 4000m peaks, Here's the complete list for the 5 days of climbing, in the order ascended.

Gran Paradiso - 4061m
Pollux - 4092m
Castor - 4223m
Piramide Vincent - 4215m
Balmenhorn - 4167m
Corno Nero - 4321m
Ludwigshöhe - 4341m
Parrotspitze - 4432m
Signalkuppe - 4554m
Zumsteinspitze - 4563m
Dufourspitze - 4634m
Nordend - 4609m

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Climbers on the Gran Paradiso regular route. The weather was clear for almost the entire way to the summit.


But the clouds arrived at the top about the same time we did.


Another team almost to the summit of the Gran Paradiso.


On day 3, we rose early in Chamonix, drove to Täsch, then train to Zermatt, and up the Klein Matterhorn cable car to begin the "Spaghetti Tour", so named for the Italian huts it connects.

Our first peak was Pollux, to the left. We then climbed up and over Castor and down the opposite side to the Sella hut.

Mouse over the photo to see the line followed.


Grant on the rocky section of Pollux.


Another team just arriving at the summit of Castor.


Coming down Castor's east ridge on our way to the Sella hut.


Descending to the Sella hut, which lies just below the afternoon's cloud level.


With a 5 am breakfast, we are out the door of the Sella hut about about 5:50 in the morning. We are not alone this day.


We traversed over the Liskamm Nose, and continued on to climb six more 4000m peaks on our way to the Margherita hut, which itself sits on the summit of the Signalkuppe, our last 4000er of the day.

Mouse over to see the peak names and heights.


Grant on the summit of Piramide Vincent, at 4215m the first of the day's collection.


The rather imposing Christ statue on the Balmenhorn, number 2 of the day.


Mary, on the summit of the Corno Nero, number 3. The climbers in the background area heading up Ludwigshöhe, which will be our next summit. On the left in the back are Dufourspitze and the Zumsteinspitze on the right, Tomorrow's objectives.


Heading up the Parrotspitze. The Liskamm behind.


On the summit of the Signalkuppe. And also on the deck of the Margherita hut. Lodgers wait for the sunset.


The Matterhorn, from the Margherita hut, the highest building in Europe (actually some 76 meters higher than the Matterhorn).


On our last day, we climbed up over the Zumsteinspitze, and continued on up and over the Dufourspitze. This photo was taken just before sunrise from the summit of the Zumsteinspitze, looking towards the Dufourspitze.

Mouse over to see our route.


On the connecting ridge between the Zumsteinspitze and the Dufourspitze.


Looking back to the south and the sea of cloud over Italy.


On the summit (or nearly) of the Dufourspitze.


Another team on the Dufour.


Looking over to the Nordend from the Dufour summit. With time and energy still holding well, we climbed across the ridge to add the Nordend to our collection.


Looking back towards the Dufour from the summit of the Nordend.

Mouse over to see the route.


And finally, after a long day (or more accurately, halfway through) we descend the Monte Rosa Glacier down to the Monte Rosa hut, Rotenboden, Zermatt and finally, Chamonix.