Mark Conner climbing with Kathy • September 12-15, 2012

Mark Conner was back in the Alps this year to climb with Kathy this time. Hoping to pick off a couple more 4000 meter peaks, again the weather intervened. But good climbing was still had...


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Mark high on the ridge of Pointe Mourti.


We started out in Italy, rock climbing in the sun. A forecast suggesting an early onset of a very wet storm had Kathy nervous about the high mountains. However, the temperature and weather were perfect here on Dr. Jimmy (Arnad-Bard area). Mark on some thin slabs here selecting the right foothold.


Some of the really beautiful rock on this feature.


A great view of the impressive Forti di Bard, from somewhere on our descent.


The storm did in fact arrive, and though brief, it left a lot of snow behind, down to a fairly low elevation. After holing up for the intense storm day, we moved on to the Moiry hut. Starting out from the parking lot above the Moiry dam, we decided to play around on the glacier en route to the hut. We are not alone in this plan. Another group finishes up their glacier tour as we head onto the ice.


We went looking for challenges as we wandered among the sérac walls.


This section of the Moiry glacier is a veritable ice climber's playground.


Popping out onto the flat plateau below the hut, the skies are beginning to clear in earnest.


Once at the hut however, the weather is still a mixed bag.


Reflected in the picture windows of the gorgeous Moiry hut dining room, tomorrow's objective, the Pointe Mourti. We can see the top! Good news.


The skies truly clearing by nightfall.


Sure enough, the following morning dawns clear and very cold!


Once up on the glacier, a fairly low ceiling of cloud pulled up over the peaks like a blanket.


It wasn't long before the blue skies dominated, but the clouds were a beautiful interlude. Looking northward down the Val d'Anniviers.


The view up the glacier, another party ahead of us blazing a nice trail.


Scrambling along the exposed summit ridge, the copious new snow lends a different, wintry atmosphere.


The view down onto the glacier from high on the ridge.


A final bit of snow near the summit.


Approaching the top...


Mark enjoying the truly exceptional views from the summit of Pointe Mourti. The air was as crystal clear as either of us had ever seen it, the surrounding peaks luminous. Under Mark's ice axe: the Weisshorn.


Through blowing snow, the views to the southwest are dominated by the Grand Combin (center left) and Mont Blanc (center right) in the far distance.


And, true to form for a September in the Alps, the summer was back by the time we got down to the parking lot. C'est la vie en montagne! We certainly can't complain about the day we had on this peak!