Silvretta Ski Tour • February 16 - 21, 2020

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We were back in the Silvretta region this February for an early season hut to hut ski tour.


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The crew, from left to right; Gary, Tom, Jay, (man in black not among us), Kathy, Bill, and Scott.


A lovely first day, we headed off for an afternoon lap from the Heidelberger hut.


Day two, crossing the Krone Joch.


Also day two, we take a lap above the Jamtal hut.


Day three, we head up to the Gemspitze.


Nearing the climb.


A short but steep clamber to the top!


Tom, Gary and Kathy on top of ole' Smokey.


The run down was pure joy.


Just to mix things up a bit, we took another lap over a wind-scoured col. Tom and Bill maneuver through the near vertical cornice wall...


Squeezing through the gap.


Day four brought wind and snow. We braved both to head up the Hintere Jamspitze.


Boot-packing the last bit to the summit.


Almost there now.


Quite the contrast with the previous day's summit experience!


And then we had to get back down to our skis!


Day 5, we head over to the Wiesbadener hut. Variable snow, variabl weather, but comfortable enough transit day.


Another afternoon lap up to a ridgecrest, because we can!


Day 6, our last day, we made an attempt on Piz Buin. But our timing wasnt right; the first half of the day was very windy, foggy, and unpleasant. the only photo from that part of the day is this one, already well on our way back down.


However, later on the skies cleared out and we had fresh snow to bring us home.


This descent was worth waiting for!


And we went "Weee!!! Weee!!! Weeee!!!" all the way home. Thanks to the crew for great teamwork, cameraderie, and a sense of fun and humor in all conditions.