Berner Oberland Ski Tour • April 25 - 30, 2018

Another group of mostly "regulars" came to ski with us in the Berner Oberland this season, many of them reuniting after past adventures together, some meeting for the first time. But probably not the last!


Jay Coburn

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Berner Oberland - May 2008
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Rachelle and Hamish Love

Ortler - March 2013
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Scott Kingland

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Linda Piper

Haute Route - March 2016

Lisa Beaudreau and Matt Hyde

Haute Route - April 2012


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We met up in Interlaken, where Spring was in full swing. From left to right: Rachelle Love, Lisa Beaudreau, Matt Hyde, Mark, Page Dinsmore, Linda Piper (who sadly was injured just prior to the trip, and so could not continue on with us), Hamish Love, Scott Kingland, and Jay Coburn.


Our train ride up to the Jungfraujoch took us through the surreal beauty of the Lauterbrunnen valley, just greening up.


From the Jungfraujoch we headed up over the Louwitor, a high glaciated pass.


At the pass.


The descent from the Louwitor encompassed a variety of snow conditions from breakable crust, to icy ruts, to finally beautiful corn snow!


After the descent, skins go back on to reach the Hollandia hut.


The following morning, we gear up to ski the Ebeniflue.


The mists and clouds dog our heels but eventually drop away.


Fantastic glacier features!


And the interesting play of light and shadow in the dispersing cloud.


A long level glacier walk...


And finally a pointy summit.


The ski down was good fun.


Our day ended with a climb up the famous fire escape stairway to the Konkordia hut.


Our reward and decompression from the stair climb!


Day 3: we approach the beginning of the stairway descent, in the half light of early morning.


Looking back over the upper reaches of the Aletsch glacier, en route to the Grünhornlücke.


Reaching the top of the Grünhornlücke


En route to the Finsteraarhorn hut, we made a major detour to climb the ridge line peak known locally as the "Chamonix-spitze", I believe in honor of its popularity among Chamonix based guides visiting the area (like us!).


Hi above the Fiescher glacier.


A fierce wind on the top made for a very quick visit.


Beautiful snow for the descent.


In an amazing setting!


Basking in it at the bottom.


Evening sunlight from the Finsteraarhorn hut.


The following day, we got an early start for the Gross Wannenhorn, hoping to get in a summit climb before the forecast bad weather should arrive.


Heading up the Gross Wannenhorn.


Our high point, in the freezing fog. We decided to limit our fog skiing this day.


Instead, after re-descending the peak, we headed further down the glacier, just for a scenic stroll among its intriguing "features".


Given the weather forecast, we decided to head back out via a return to the Hollandia hut, where exit options were more favorable. So we skinned back up over the Grünhornlücke.


Beautiful light as the storm clouds gather.


Though the light was flat, the skiing was good on the way down!


Heading back up the Aletsch glacier.


The scene in the boot room at the Hollandia hut.


On our last day, the weather is still not great, but the forecast is for increasing sunny breaks. We stall as long as we can, then head out.


Glancing back at the Hollandia hut as we begin our descent, last night's snowfall is already on the move in the high winds.


In our sheltered valley though, it's pure joy to ski.


Our one powder morning of the week! We savor it.


Spotting some wildlife (chamois) as our adventure ends. Thanks to all the crew! You made the week particularly rewarding as well as entertaining! We hope all will keep in touch.

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