Akbar Khan in Zermatt area • August 25 - 29, 2019


Akbar joined Mark for a quick 6 days in the Saas / Zermatt area.


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Our first climb was the always enjoyable Breithorn Half Traverse. The route climbs from the other side, up to the saddle between the rocky peak on the left, and the also rocky central summit. From the saddle, it traverses the ridge from left to right.


The view to the east, not far from where we gained the saddle. We had to climb the icy slopes seen here, normally easy snow.


Akbar on the route.


The clouds certainly look like they are building, but our descent was relaxed as it never really threatened.


Our next climb was the Rotgrat on the Weissmies. We spent day 2 hiking up to the Almageller hut. And on day 3, the Rotgrat. The Almageller hut has been encouraging climbers on this route, which they said was " a little bit longer and a little bit harder, but not much" than the standard South Ridge.

The long and bouldery approach is well marked.


Finally, on to proper climbing where we traverse a steep rocky band to the Rotgrat proper.


Everything improves once on the ridge.


Mostly easy but with some interesting bits, here and there.


A panorama from the summit of the Weissmies.


Another party arrives from the South Ridge.


And we head back down the South Ridge.


Arriving back at the Almageller hut that afternoon.


A bit of nasty weather arrives late in the day.


Our last day was spent in the sun on the Riffelhorn. That's the rocky tower overlooking the glacier.


The approach to the Riffelhorn from Rotenboden. Classic Alps views.


Looking towards Monte Rosa from somewhere on the Riffelhorn.


Akbar enjoys the route "Egg" or "Eck" as it is occasionally called.


Great rock....


...and an amazing setting.


The summit of the Riffelhorn.

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