Kate Vacher - with friends Claudia and Rachel • August 18 - 20, 2018

Kate Vacher was back touring with Kathy again this February, joined by her friends Claudia de Unger (back for more after a very wet trip last year!) and Rachel Richards, a "first timer" at the ski touring game.

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For our first tour, we headed to beautiful downtown Aosta, to ride the lift to the Pila ski area. Our parking lot was in a rather un-sexy neighborhood, but we were not deterred!


After a long cable car ride, followed by a chairlift and yet another cable car, we were at last on skins and had left the pistes behind. Just a short skin through the woods and we felt refreshingly far from civilization.


A picnic in the snow!


A bit more challenging skinning and we are far above the world.


Our goal: Pointe de la Pierre. Claudia nears the top.


We all made it! Summit number 1.


We carried on along the ridge a bit, in search of the best snow for our descent.


And we managed to find some! Kate making it look pretty.


Back in the ski area, we re-hash the highlights as the afternoon sun lingers.


Back to Courmayeur, we headed out for pizza and a nice bottle of something red.


Day 2, we used the lifts of the La Thuile ski area to give us our head start. Our touring goal for this day: a high point along the ridge in the background here.


After a fast run down the groomers, we again leave the ski area behind and head out into the wild.


Seeing a nearly trackless vastness in a long vallon, Kathy changed her plan from an ascent of Mont Valaisan (another year, eh girls?) to just climbing up to the top of this inviting run. The walk was sunny, open, and beautiful!


We followed four other skiers into the top of the vallon. After having a picnic on the scenic ridge crest of course!


Near the top of our run, the snow was a bit challenging but still pretty turns!


Better conditions prevailed in the lower reaches.


Reluctantly leaving the high mountains behind.


Some easy but attention-getting obstacles to overcome before we're out of the woods.


Tired, in a good way.


Day 3. Our goal is Punta Croce, the high point in this shot, as we head off from the nordic center at Arpy.


After about an hour on the trail, we are joined by the only other party we'll see this day.


Another sunny day, another sunny picnic! We could get used to this.


After refreshment, it's onward and upward.


And we're on top of Punta Croce!


In the background is La Thuile, and the scene of our previous day's triumph. Clouds rolling in from the NW, but we have nothing but sunshine!


Starting down at last...


Not too bad!


And more ...


... and still more!


Once again leaving the high mountains behind.


Claudia's body language says it all! Thank you again Kate for joining me for some wild snow with your friends! See you again next year....

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