Ken Seamon in the Mont Blanc massif • July 29 - 30, 2014

Ken joined Kathy for the 8th time, by our count, this June/July. Weather and scheduling constraints shortened his trip to essentially a long weekend, but it was nice as always to get out in the mountains with Ken again.

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Our first day we had fine weather and good snow conditions, so we headed over the the Italian border to traverse the Aiguille Marbrées.


The climb requires a fairly short walk from the Point Helbronner lift top station, across the expansive upper Géant glacier with its magnificent views.

The route follows blocky steps up the SE ridge.

Looking down from near the summit, gives an idea of the character of the climbing and of the superb situation.

Climbers nearing the top.

The Dent du Géant and the Grands Jorasses in the background, Ken pulls the final moves on the summit block.

The nearby peaks play peek-a-boo in the light mists.

The traverse follows a ridge back toward Point Helbronner. We had time and good conditions to continue along this ridge to extend the climb.

Meeting some other climbers heading in the opposite direction.

The mists got a bit thicker as we wound among the towers.

A long rappel got us off the ridge and back onto the gentle glacier....

.... whence back to the cable car just before the storm arrived.

Our next day was truly sodden. We stalled a bit to see if things would improve, but they did not, so we settled for a hike up to Lac Blanc. Ken enjoys a brief lull in the clouds and general soupiness.

The storm did supply some dramatic light and backdrop for fancy photography! The artist at work.

Maybe next year's timing will work out better. But this wasn't too bad for a weekend get-away! Thank you as always, Ken.

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