Ken Seamon is back in the Alps! • June 24 - 29, 2010

After a skiing accident and poorly set fracture kept Ken out of the mountains for a couple of years, he got the leg healed and was back to test the new pins in the Alps this season with Kathy.

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Ken is lookin' and feelin' his best on our first day, rock climbing on the Jegihorn above Saas Grund.


Kathy sets up a belay about halfway up the route (Ken Seamon photo).


Beautiful views across to Saas Fee and the cirque of mountains hemming it in.


From the summit, we can check out our next day's objective, the Lagginhorn, over Ken's left shoulder.


We spent our first night at the Weissmies hut, the older building and "winter room" shown here.


An abrupt adjustment to altitude, Ken is already at 4000 meters just about 24 hours after starting his trip. The S. Ridge of Lagginhorn and the Weissmies are in the background here.


On our third day, we did the Allalinhorn as a day climb from town. A team of German climbers settle in just below the summit to enjoy the sunshine and views of the Rimpfischhorn and Strahlhorn. A gorgeous day!


After our climb we had time to wander through the streets of Saas Fee and enjoy the creativity of the gardeners there.


That evening, we rode the cable car back up the the Hohsaas hut (3100 meters) in preparation for a climb of the Weissmies the following morning. Leaving the hut at dawn, we just had time to catch the full moon setting behind the Alphubel as the Mischabel group caught the sun's first rays.


A party ahead of us negotiates fins of ice and snow on the busted-up section of glacier.


Snow conditions are excellent on the open slopes above.


The steep flank of the summit ridge also was in perfect condition, as we finally crept out from the shady side of the peak and back into the sunlight (Ken Seamon photo).


From the summit, a lone climber heads down the South Ridge.


A cold wind didn't spoil our summit pause. the views were fantastic. Behind Ken on his left, the Lagginhorn (our route of the other day goes up the left skyline).


On the often-tricky steep and broken glacier slopes low on the route, climbers benefit from good snow bridging!


After the Weissmies, we decided to head back to Chamonix, since Ken hadn't been there since his last trip with Kathy. We headed through the tunnel into Italy, to climb the Aiguille de Toule on a day with thunderstorms in the forecast. Already, though still fairly early, we can see the cumulus building over in France.


Clouds also enveloped the Italian side peaks as we near the top of the NW face of the Toule.


Another party takes in the views from the summit.


Tagging the top! Molto Buono!


On our last day, we hiked up to the Chesereys above Argentière for some relaxing rock climbing in the sunshine! Ken tops out on the "EMHM" route.


Finishing up on the Aiguillette d'Argentière.


And it's "au revoir" for this year, but it looks like Ken is back in action so hopefully he'll return soon.