Ken Seamon back in the Alps • July 4 - 8, 2012

After a couple of seasons away dealing with injuries, Ken Seamon was back in the Alps with Kathy this summer!

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High on the Pointe Mourti.


The trip did not start very auspiciously however, as we approached the beautifully situated and renovated Moiry hut in damp and fog. Still, the view out the dining room picture windows is always dramatic. Looking down onto the Moiry glacier and its icefall.

Kathy was fascinated by the apparently copper siding and the many vents of the hut, weathering beautifully in the sun and rain.


The terrace of the hut looked very different a few days later, on a sunny Saturday lunchtime! But I anticipate...

Our first objective was the Pigne de la Lé. A short approach hike leads us to a crampon-up spot overlooking the Moiry glacier icefall.

A bit further on we reach the ridge which we will follow to the summit. Another party begins the climb in the early morning light.

Ken pauses near the summit to enjoy the views.

And we made it!

The next day not being very nice, we took a partial rest day but we did get out on the Moiry glacier to play on the ice a bit.

This "moulin", or melt-water draining feature, looked like a little dimple from the hut. Up close, it's rather more impressive!

We set up a top-rope anchor and took turns lowering in and climbing out, just for grins!

The meltwater drills down a long way here, perhaps to the bedrock. Tight rope, Ken!!!

More normal crevasse features near the glacier's edge.

Our next objective was Pointe Mourti, shown here in the damp evening before our climb.

However the next morning it was clear and cold enough to freeze the glacier pretty decently. Mark and Norm Numerof were also here doing the same thing, so we headed out together at dawn.

This is more like it! Pigne de la Lé behind.

Climbers crossing above us as we approach the ridge.

Nice clambering on the pretty rock ridge.

A very satisfying summit with the appropriate religious statuary. To the left of Our Lady is the Dent Blanche, and then the Grand Cornier.

Starting back down from the summit, with the Lac Moiry behind.

We had hoped to do another alpine climb near Chamonix on our last day, but high winds closed the lift so we enjoyed a perfectly warm and beautiful day at the crags. Ken tops out pitch 3.

And takes a turn in the lead.

A much appreciated cold drink to finish off a beautiful afternoon, and a great week back in the mountains. Until next year!