A fine Vallée Blanche • February 27, 2019

Graham Longford, with whom we have had a few adventures, was joined by his long, long-time friend Peter, and son Ben for a "feature-filled" Vallée Blanche.

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Starting out from the top of the Aiguille du Midi. Kathy, Graham, Peter and Ben.


Graham at the ready on the arête.


The only warning sign on the route. One can take it as a general comment, or the specific slope just below. In truth I think the authorities placed the sign to dissuade skiers from donning skis until a bit lower than normal, as the next 20 meters were very icy.


Mark, Peter and Ben, having braved the arête.


At last, into the skis.


We opted for a variation of the "Petit Envers" route. Starting on the Petite we soon threaded the crevasses and entered the upper "Vraie Vallée Blanche".


Moving right, through the séracs to gain the Vraie.


More "features".


Pausing to take in the scenery.


skiing alongside the Séracs du Géant.


Moving into position for the photo op.


There we are!


Well, maybe not so much.


We sontinue down, past flat area know as the Salle à Manger....


...and arrive at the real salle à manger just below. We are not alone.


After a lovely lunch, we continue down through more "features" on the Mer de Glace.


Almost the same spot, looking the other way.


And lower down we enter the ice canyon. This amazing funride is formed by the summertime erosion of the stream that flows on the surface of the glacier. In winter it freezes up and fills (partly) with snow.




Ben goes for it.


Lower down, as we leave the glacier, we find another "feature", a fun snow-chocked canyon.


We hike up the unavoidable little bit to the Buvette des Montets..


A briaf rest at the buvette, before the final "James Bond Track" as it is occationally called.


Next stop, Chamonix.

Thank you Graham, Ben and Peter!