Climbing and skiing with Graham Longford • February 2 and 4, 2016

Graham made a quick couple trips from his home in Switzerland to climb and ski with Mark. Our first day was spent in Cogne climbing the ultra-classic Patri Droite waterfall in the Valtorney.

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A low angle section a couple pitches up.


We had originally planned on climbing the slightly easier Patri Gauche, the left hunk of ice. But the climb was quite busy with numerous parties, so we decided to give the Droite a go.


Graham at the base of the crux pillar on Patri Droite. We are waiting for another party to finish their climb.


Graham has pulled over the steepest part of the route. Easy peasy from here.


Looking good.


On the 4th, we had planned a ski tour. Our original plan was the Crochues Berard, but heavy recent snowfall, and the rather impressive avalanche fracture lines from that morning, suggested we alter plan.


We decided to scootch around to Lac Blanc and ski the good slopes below the Col de Dards. Unfortunately the weather is not so wonderful.


A small clearing as we arrive at Lac Blanc.


We encountered a sizable contingent of military trainees a the lake. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they went no further than this, so much of the trail breaking beyond fell on our shoulders. The light was rather flat on the descent, and my camera refused to focus on anything solid. so no pics.

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