Gal Friends Ski Trip • February 24-26, 2019

Kate Vacher was back with her best ski buddies Claudia and Rachel, to ski the back country with Kathy, as they have done the past few years. This year they decided to explore the possibilities around Val d'Isère.

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From left to right: Claudia, Kate and Rachel, lookin' and feelin' their best!


On our first day, we left Les Tignes ski area by dropping over the Col du Palet, where a wild and lonely world awaited. After a brief side trip to hunt out some nice north-facing snow, we skinned back into the ski area via the Col de la Sachette. More than a week of very hot weather since the last snowfall had really damaged the snow on the sunny aspects, but the shady sides still offered very good skiing. Summer in the sunshine, winter in the shadows; the best of both worlds?


Back at the ranch, the sun is fleeting, but appreciated! Rachel Richards photo.


The next morning, on our way to the Pointe de la Sana, we were forced onto those aforementioned sunny aspects while they were still frozen. A long traverse was in order! Glad it's still holding body weight...


Soon enough we were back in the high country, and the snow was looking a lot more promising.


Nearing the Col des Barmes de l'Ours.


A long, hot climb comes to an end at the Pointe de la Sana.


Yay! It's time to go down!!! But what a view.


It's not powder, but it's skiable, at least by Kate! Hunting out the right aspect for cold winter snow.


More sheltered slopes lower down were positively powder-like! The smiles break out...


Heading into the Ruisseau du Pisset, it feels committing!


Coming out the bottom end at the gorges, it all worked out fine in the "skier pisted" snow.


Back in civilization, we headed up to the top of the resort for a bit of refreshment in the sunshine.


And it feels so good to relax for just a moment after a long hard day!


On our third and last day, we headed up above Sainte Foy to the Col de l'Argentière.


A shorter hike up, but still summery warmth! A good spot for a picnic.


And even a spot of mountaintop yoga!


The descent was long and at first, really quite steep! We begin to relax once the angle eases a bit.


Rachel ripping it up in the smoother, but still challenging snow!


And on, and on it goes!


Down in the tree zone once more, we can't quite believe what we've just done! And it ain't over just yet...


A steep road through the woods opens out into meadows and summer chalets. Rachel Richards photo.


The skis come off just before the charming little hamlet of La Masure.


The beautiful little chapelle Ste-Brigide in La Masure. Rachel Richards photo.


Truly a corner of the French Alps that time seems to have forgotten! Many of these buildings date to the 18th century, built by stonemasons from the Piedmont region. Rachel Richards photo.


A four-legged resident of this quiet village enjoys the sunshine. We appreciate the peace, the antiquity, and the amazing backdrop. Rachel Richards photo.


All too soon it's time to break up the party. But what a party it was, thanks for another great time, Kate, Rachel, and Claudia! We're already planning next year's extravaganza.