Abula Ski Tour • March 11 - 16, 2018

John stayed on with us after the Ortler trip, to ski the Albula region. It was meant to be a larger group trip, but what with one thing and another, it ended up being a small and intimate trio! We had enough fun for a dozen though.

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Our first day was stormy with light snow and light winds. Heading over our first col.


Festively decorated poles helped to guide us into the Jenatsch hut.

Arriving at the charming and friendly Jenatsch hut.

The following morning, the amount of new snow that had fallen with wind, over fragile layers of earlier snow, convinced us to take a conservative decision and descend the Bever valley to the train in Spinas. The morning was beautiful however with bright sunshine on soft pillows of snow.

We got in a few turns here and there....


After a long lunch break, we caught the train from Spinas to Bergün.

The village of Bergün in the early morning of day 3.

Another sunny morning, we skinned up the valley to the Kesch hut.

The forecast stormy weather turned up as we climbed above treeline.

Early morning at the Kesch hut, the weather clears slowly as the day dawns.

By mid morning the skies are blue and the air still and cold.

Creamy new snow bodes well for our descent.

Heading toward Piz Kesch.

Approaching our high point below Piz Kesch.

The descent was every bit as wonderful as we had hoped!

Somewhere between whipped cream and mascarpone, just right for skiing!

We know how lucky we are.

First tracks even!

After a lunch of rösti at the hut, we went out for another lap, topping out above the Fuorcla Vilouch.

And oh! Who knew that our afternoon run would be even better than our morning run?

So many untouched acres of perfect snow!

Back to the hut for aperos and dinner!

The following morning was forecast to be pretty bad. We ducked out early to beat the weather, but it started up with the daylight. Gorgeous sunrise however!

Leaving the hut in the flattening light.

We had decided to leave by way of the Sertig Pass. It was fairly clagged in by the time we got there.

A long and tentative descent in the clouds, brought us at last to the flat valley bottom, and the bus stop.

On our last day, we headed to the Diavolezza ski area for some lift-served touring.

From the top of the Diavolezza lift, fantastic views of Piz Bernina.

Beautiful feather-light powder, but watch out for the rocks!

We skinned across the glacier toward the Isla Persa, the rocky knoll in the background here.

We were not alone on this gorgeous Friday morning!

Nearing the top of our climb.

On top of ole smokey!

The descent was as fluffy as can be imagined. Lots of hooting and hollering echoed throughout the hills.

Very nice.

Even nicer!

We couldn't resist admiring the scene of our triumph!

Back at the train stop at the bottom of the hill, it's strudel time! And all too soon, goodbye to John. Thanks John for for making the week so much fun!

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