Russ Lee, skiing in Chamonix • February 12- 14, 2018

Russ tried hard to join a ski tour this year with Mark and Kathy! Alas, work responsabilities got in the way. But he had time to escape them briefly in February, so he came over to Chamonix for some touring and off piste with Kathy.

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Fortunately, we had pretty good weather and some fresh snow!


Our first day was a poor forecast for Chamonix and points north, so we headed into Italy to begin with a favorite, Punta Croce.


A satisfyingly airy summit, with a choice of aspects to choose from on the descent.


We chose Northeast!


On day 2 we headed over to Contamines Mont-Joie, to a loop tour out beyond the lift system, the Col de la Cicle.


Leaving the ski area, we could tell we were lucky with the new snow!


We were not alone, which meant a great track to follow out the back of beyond.


Taking care and using prudent practices crossing some steep slopes in the full glare of the warm sunshine.


Our efforts were amply rewarded once over the col!


And more....


... And more more!


A tight track back down through the woods.


A spot of traffic at the road end!


The beautiful chapel of Notre Dame de la Gorge.


The next day we opted for the classic Vallée Blanche descent.


The usual hurly burly of half term holidays, everyone is out for a good time.




The snow was a bit wind effected up high, but we could NOT complain about the scenery!


Dropping in on the "Vrai" Vallée Blanche.


The snow improving as we descend.


Lower down on the glacier, we couldn't resist dropping in to the water-carved sinuous channel we call the "whoop-dee-doo's".


Plenty of obstacles to maneuver among...


Best not to think too hard about it, just launch on in!


Short but sweet, it was great skiing with Russ again this year. Hopefully a longer tour next time!

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