Ortler ski tour • April 2 - 8, 2010

Russ Lee of Bellingham, WA and Kade Spears from London showed up for our Ortler trip this year.

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Russ, Kade and Kathy head up to the Zufall hut on day 1.


After lunch in the Marteller hut, we took a lap up and down the north-facing slopes behind, on the Venezia Spitze. Great snow!


That felt good.


Capturing the glory!


A short skin up takes us back to the hut.


A view of tomorrow's route up the Forcola glacier toward Cevedale.


Day two, we head up toward Cevedale, seen here in the mist. Good weather and visibility so far, if a bit cold... No more pictures of this day, which turned stormy as we headed up over the high shoulder of Zufall Spitze and over the summit of Palon de la Mare. A long and taxing day, but very satisfying.


And rewards await at the well-stocked Branca hut!


Don't mind if we do...


Looks like Kathy and Russ have their energy back after an Easter day's blizzard forced a rest day. This morning our goal is Pizzo Tresero.


Again not the greatest visibility, but off we go.


Conditions improved greatly as we went.


However a LOT of snow had fallen during the previous day's storm, constraining our options for descent and making heavy going of it. Kade works hard to maintain forward movement in the deep and wind-densified snow.


A beautiful evening at the Branca.


And we head off toward the Pizzini hut the following morning.


The newly groomed cat track made things easier for us.


Arriving at the Pizzini hut.


We headed up to the Col Pale Rosse below the Gran Zebru for an afternoon lap.


Along with our friends Michael, Matt and Lisa, we took some sun on the col.


Another gorgeous sunset seen from the Pizzini hut.


Hutkeeper extraordinaire Mauro Compagnoni pours for the guests.


From the hut it's a straight shot up to Monte Cevedale on a bluebird day.


Other skiers opting to head toward the Cevedale-Pasquale col.


The séracs of the Cedec Glacier add plenty of visual and other interest as we climb.


On the summit, C is for "Ceve-DA-le!!!"


Our final day. We climb the slopes below the Casati hut.


The Cevedale-Pasquale col in the background.


Crampons are handy in the icy and patchy conditions this morning.


After a fine pasta lunch at the Casati hut and a lap on a nearby peak, we cross the Suldenspitze and head down gorgeous powder slopes back to our start point in Sulden. Weeeeee!