And our second ski day of the season! Tête Rouge • November 20, 2014

Our first day skiing (pics here) was so good that we couldn't stay away.

The Tête Rouge, a small peak on the Swiss-Italian border, just east of the Grand Saint Bernard Pass, looked like it would offer a fine north-facing fun-fest.

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Heading up the ever-steepening slopes that lead to the Col Sud de Menouve, and the border with Italy. Behind is the Pointe des Lacerandes on the right, and the Grande Chenalette on the left.


Skinning along the convoluted summit ridge of the Tête Rouge. Just up ahead is where we dropped in, down right.


A little wind-affected, but not bad at all.


Looking across to the peaks in the Mont Blanc Massif.


More fun.


Kathy, looking aggressive.


With some previous skiers' tracks in the main gully, we kept pushing left, up close to the rocks.


What can I say?


Below is the big flat of the Plan de Tcholeire.


Looking back up at the Tête Rouge.


The final cruisy fun slopes back to the road, and finally, the car.


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