Our first ski day of the season! Pointe de Trois Lacs • November 19, 2014

Not long ago, on November 4th, to be exact, our fine Indian Summer ended with a bang. Finally, after a good two weeks of rather murky and mixed weather the sun reemerged. Somewhat on a lark, we decided to dig out the ski gear and go for a walk.

Our original thought was a simple stroll up to the Monastery at the Grand Saint Bernard pass, an easy cruise up a snowy road. But upon our arrival at the parking at Super Saint Bernard, we were so impressed by the lovely quality of snow, and the good coverage, that greater plans were called for.

Turning right up the Combe de Drône we saw a lovely little peak up towards the head of the valley. We had a plan!

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On the big flats in the Come de Drône, at about 2250 meters. Our summit lies in the sun behind. Mouse over to see the line.


The final skin up to the summit.


A quick snack and cup of tea on the summit, 2797 meters. The peak behind is the Pointe de Drône. The lovely valley on the right leads up to the Fenêtre d'en Haut. On the back side one can easily ski down to the Monastery at the Col du Grand Saint Bernard.


My, oh my. Great snow and plenty of it on the descent.


The Grand Combin looks over Kathy's shoulder as she heads to the valley.

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