7 days in the Silvretta • March 23 - 29, 2014

Our good friends from Duluth, MN were back for their bi-annual trip this year. We met up in the Silvretta region for a week of great skiing!

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The Duluthians! From left to right: Andy Baertsch; Stephen Hunter; John Bergstrom; Steve Kuross, Bruce Derauf.


Our first day coincided with the arrival of a very big snowfall; the first this area had received in a very long while. Fearing that much of the Ischgl ski area would be shut down, we opted to book a ride on the snow cat run by the Heidelberger hut; the "Silvretta Express"! Although not very "express" (in nordic gear the Duluthians could all have easily outrun it), it was dry, warm, and fun in a lazy kind of way.


After a quick lunch at the hut, we went out in the snowstorm for a short skin up the nearby ridge. Skiing down in the fog was challenging! But quite amusing.


The following morning the skies were already clearing somewhat as we left the hut.


Skinning up toward the Krone Joch, we were very happy that a group of snow shoers had left about an hour before! Heavy trail breaking in this thick new snow.


Descending upon the Jamtal hut much later in the day.


The Jamtal hut in the sunshine as the weather finally cleared for good.


On our third day, we skinned up to the Hintere Jamspitze, still pristine after the recent storm.


We managed to tag the summit before the crowds arrived, and had a great ski down in beautiful snow.


Back at the ranch, all is smiles.


Our next objective was a traverse, over a high, craggy col in the ridge separating two glaciers, the Jamtalferner and the Chalausferner.


Once again snow and fog descended upon us as we approached our high point.


Preparing to boot down the steep entry on the back side of the col.


Mixed skies on the descent.


After a strudel and coffee at the hut, we headed back out for another "quick" 600m jaunt above the hut.


Seeking (and finding) some good north facing snow below the "Pfannknecht".


The next day, the sun was shining once more as we headed up to the Obere Ochsenscharte en route to the Wiesbadener hut.


We took the major detour to the summit of the Dreiländerspitze. The mists coming and going made for mysterious and beautiful light.


Tagging the pointy top!


The new snow made things particularly exciting and scenic.


And the snow below the peak was just as good as the climb!


We discovered three of us had birthdays spanning two days, so we made that an excuse for a party.


From the Wiesbadener hut, we made a foray up to the Piz Buin.


Approaching the peak, you can see the tracks of climbers ahead.


Near the summit, we felt we were truly up in the skies.


Fun mixed climbing along the way.


A very cool climb! Perfect cramponning in the deep snow.


And another summit! Hi Mom!


On the way back down.


And yet more powder shots on the descent! Hunting for and finding freshies days after the latest snowfall, is always satisfying.


We eked out a few more on our run out, the last day. What a great week, with a great bunch of people. We look forward to the next one, in 2 years time.

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