Ortler ski tour • March 17 - 23, 2010

Steve Kuross, John Bergstrom, Andy Baertsch and Bruce Derauf were back again this year from Minnesota for a private trip to the Ortler region. This time they were joined by their friend Stephen Hunter, and Andy's son Hans.

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Here is the entire crew, posing for a shot on the summit of Cevedale. From left to right: Stephen, Kathy, Mark, Hans, Andy, Steve, Bruce, and John.


We begin our tour from the ski area at Sulden. Nice weather to start out!


Mark and most of the crew set out early while Kathy waited with the others for some left luggage! mark and company arrived at the Marteller hut with plenty of time for an afternoon tour above the hut.


The Marteller hut, and a bit of sunny leisure.


On the second day, Mark continued on with the Steve, John, Andy and Hans. Given good weather and conditions and plenty of energy, they took in an ascent of Palon de la Mare en route to the Branca Hut. Meanwhile, Kathy, Stephen and Bruce traversed the Suldenspitze and the Pasquale-Cevedale col, to meet them at the hut later in the day.


Reunited, we all headed up toward Tresero on day three.


Nearing the summit slopes of Tresero.


We topped out with another group and enjoyed some warm sunshine in the lee of the summit.


We found a bit of steep and some good snow on the way down!


A broad gully to descend offered good, if not virginal, snow.


Ah, the Rifugio Branca! Always a welcome sight and a pleasant stay.


The sunny terrace seen from the main entry way.


The crankin' hot tile stove is kept stoked from early morning by the senior hut-keeper, Mr. Alberti.


Another early start on another beautiful morning, we have San Mateo in our sights this time.


A strong icy wind and equally icy snow conditions above, convinced us to turn back short of the summit and enjoy the descent instead.


Buon apetito!



The following day's weather was not so pleasant. We headed straight for our next hut, the Rifugio Pizzini.


The next morning was better, so we headed up to Cevedale, seen here in the background.


Joining others near the summit.


In the fog, we unexpectedly met some friends from the U.S. as we cached our skis for the steep headwall and ridge of Cevedale.


A bit of crampon work needed as the light snow barely covered some hard ice in this section.


Continuing up the summit ridge, we follow our friends through the fog.


Almost there.... the last steps to the top.


Andy doing the honors back at the hut.


The evening light gave us a beautiful back-looking view of Tresero from the Pizzini hut.


Our last day dawned clear as we headed back toward Sulden. Here we pause to boot up the steep slopes below the Casati hut.


The Casati hut, with Pasquale Peak behind.


Snow conditions still decent, but warming dramatically as we head down the glacier to Sulden