Larry True with Kathy for 5 days in the Alps • September 1 - 5, 2013

Larry True and his wife Linda returned to Chamonix and environs this year, as has become a tradition for them. Larry joined Kathy for a couple of climbs during their stay. Four years out from a serioius injury while descending from the Finsteraarhorn, Larry continues to gain back strength and endurance. We started out on the Gran Paradiso, then moved to Saas Fee and the Allalinhorn.

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Larry enjoys the sunshine high on the Gran Paradiso, wtih views of the Mont Blanc massif behind.


The first blush of sunrise on the approach to the glacier.


Crampons on, and heading out onto the ice.


Higher up on the glacier, we are almost out of the cold shadows.


The sun at last, feels great.


The usual cluster near the summit, wasn't actually too bad! Everyone moving in the same direction, that helps.


Larry joins in the happy summit celebration.


Down through the rocky glacier's edge, the summit far behind now.


On the descent, a butterfly convention.


From Italy we headed eastward, to Saas Fee and the Britannia hut, for a try at the Hohlaubgrat on Allalinhorn (the right-most peak in this photo).


Arrival at the hut, and getting squared away.


Evening views of Strahlhorn, Rimpfischhorn, and Allalinhorn from the hut's terrace.


The next morning we were well up on the glacier before the sun cleared the horizon.


A gorgeous sunrise.


We renounced the attempt somewhat above this point; a bit more recovery time between climbs would have made for a better plan.


Early morning in the high peaks was beautiful as always.


Including the sight of hardy wildflowers, still thriving into September.


Back at the Britannia. I look forward as always to future climbs with Larry.

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