Larry True, climbing in Switzerland • June 14 to 19, 2008

Larry True dodged over again from Seattle, to climb with Kathy. We started in the Bernese Oberland, and ended up in the Valais.

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Larry has climbed more than his share of the Alpine 4000-ers already, but we picked off a couple more this trip. Here he is on the Jungfrau.


But first, following what seems to have become a pattern for Kathy and her partners this year, our first day was stinkin' weather! We went on up to the Jungfraujoch anyway, as the forecast was for improvement quite soon. Here Larry prepares to change trains at Kleine Scheidegg.


First tracks out the door! We kicked through the drifted snow and started following the frequent marker poles toward the Monchsjoch hut.


A couple of the hut-keeping staff were doing their daily commute from the train station to the hut by Snow-cat, and offered us a lift. The view from the cheap seats, here.


Just as we had hoped, the following morning dawned clear and beautiful. This is the view out the drying-room window, over toward the Finsteraarhorn.


Our objective for the day was the Walcherhorn, shown here. The new snow that had fallen needed a day or so to settle down before we wanted to take on the steep sun-ward slopes on the Jungfrau. This day's outing was just right.


Larry climbing on Walcherhorn's ridge, with the Eiger behind.


The view of the summit, from about halfway up the ridge.


Once on the summit, we had a lovely view of the un-tracked north ridge of the Gross Fiescherhorn, next door.


Larry descending steep but easy snow slopes off the Walcherhorn.


The following day, still bright and sunny and somewhat warmer, we headed up to the Jungfrau. The track was in excellent shape. Larry here starting up the steep summit slopes above the Rottal Sattel.


We were far from lonely! A group of climbers just above the point from which the last shot was taken. Mont Blanc is far off in the left background.


The summit shot. Schreckhorn and Lauteraarhorn in the background, the Eiger peaking out from behind Larry on his right.


What a view. From left to right: Monch (a corner of the Wetterhorn behind it); Monchsjoch, Schreckhorn and Lauteraarhorn; Gross and Hinger Fiescherhorns, Finsteraarhorn, and Gross Grunnhorn.


From here we headed over to Saas Grund, and up to the Hohsaas hut in preparation to climb the Lagginhorn. Here the moon sets over the Alphubel, and the old telepherique station at Hohsaas. Taschhorn and Dom catch the first rays.


Once again our luck with the weather was good, though what does not show up in the photo is a very strong and bitterly cold wind. Here we duck out of the gale on the lee side of the summit rocks, along with a few other climbers.


Scrambling down the rocks low on the mountain, it's time to pack up and head home. Auf Wiedersehen!