Peter Stock in the Dolomites • September 12 and 13, 2010

Peter Stock was over for a visit with friends in Italy, and found Kathy in the Dolomites. They met up for a couple of days of rock climbing.

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Peter showing just how ready he is for anything!


Our first day dawning cold but clear, we headed up to a steep little needle called "Il Gobbo", nearby the Fondo Savio hut shown here.

Seen from a distance, our objective is the right-most of those sharp towers in the background.

The route quickly went into the shadows. Peter exits a rather strenuous chimney at the top of pitch two.

The route actually starts on Torre Diavolo (left), and crosses to Il Gobbo (right) just about at the point from which this photo was shot, looking up at another party descending the Diavolo.

Another party ahead of us has made the step across the gap between the two towers and is heading up pitch three.

From the top of pitch three.

The route ends on an airy ridge crest, with spectacular exposure and views.

The first rappel from the summit is long and more than airy!

We had seen our hotel from the summit, so once back at the bar we could gloat over our achievement from the terrace.

Our table is set, in our comfy, homey and very conveniently located hotel, the Albergo Lago Antorno. The Tre Cime are visible through the dining room window.

Alas, the next day was very wet throughout the morning and was slow to clear in the afternoon. A rather dismal sight from the window as we got ready for breakfast.

After some sight-seeing in Cortina, we headed up to the Cinque Torre for a hike at least. The gloom began to lift in the mid afternoon.

The snow had come down to a low elevation however.

By evening it had cleared, but we had to part company the next day so the beauty of this sunset over the Tre Cime just served as incitement to come back again as soon as possible.