Ken Newton Alps Mountaineering • July 26 - 28, 2004

Ken Newton of Massachusetts joined Kathy for the Monte Rosa Traverse in July. Ken had roped in three buddies of his for a private Haute Route ski tour in 2002, and since then had been interested in a summer alpine climbing tour. At last he found 3 days he could get away to Zermatt for a whirlwind Monte Rosa tour. We couldn't have asked for better weather than we enjoyed. Well, slightly cooler would have been nice, but it seems churlish to complain about heat!

All the photos on this page were taken using Ken's camera, by either Kathy (photos of Ken) or by Ken (everything else).

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Here Kathy and Ken enjoy a slightly breezy summit photo on the Dufourspitze, the culmination of the trip.


I believe this photos was of Ken on the summit of Castor, which we traversed over on our first day, to spend the night in the Quintino Sella hut.


On day 2 we traversed around the "Nase" of Lyskamm, the wind being too high for the crest traverse of the arete. Seen here over my left shoulder, is the East summit of Lyskamm, which we climbed a little later in the day, before descending all the way to the Gnifetti hut for a decent night's sleep. This itinerary was very aggressive, covering lots of ground with very little acclimatization time!


Here Ken enjoys the blinding, Sierra Nevada-esque sunshine on the East summit of Lyskamm.


From the East summit of Lyskamm, Ken shoots Kathy here looking west, with the Dent Blanche, Grand Cornier, and Obergabelhorn in the background.


The following morning, day 3, we left very early from the Gnifetti hut for the "grand finale" of Dufourspitze on Monte Rosa—a huge day, by the way. Ken poses on the summit of the Zumsteinspitz, our first high point along the traverse to the Dufourspitze. The Matterhorn looking in good condition in the left background here.


Also on the Zumsteinspitze, the Margherita hut in the background.


The climb of Dufourspitze from this side involves much rock and mixed climbing at a moderate grade, but with spectacular exposure and views! Ken here studiously keeping his gaze upward...


Beautiful rock to climb, even with crampons.


I seem to recall Ken saying he didn't want to see the air below his feet in this photo... sorry, Ken!


After a happy summit celebration, we headed down the other side toward Zermatt. Ken nears the top of the final steep slopes of snow and ice on descent, before the easier (and endless!) glacier below.


We look almost fresh on the train back to Zermatt, after a very long day! (actually, 3 days). Who says the camera never lies?

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