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Cho Oyu Photos – Page 3 of 8 Kathmandu to Zhang-Mu
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On this page are photos of the trip from Kathmandu to Zhang-Mu, just inside Tibet.

The bus to the first washout

A stop along the way

Bungy jumping at the "Last Resort"

A "rest" stop


Your typical waterfall

Trucks lined up at the first road washout

The first washout

Andy, Mo and Jean-Claude waiting for the porters to move our mountain of gear past the washout

Andy contemplates lunch

And yet another waterfall

The last little walk to Kodari, our first night's stop

Kodari, the southern end of town

Looking across the river at the shops on the Chinese side

Sparky, Rick and a Chinese Coke

Sparky, Andy, Kathy, Gary and Jean-Claude in front of our Kodari "hotel"

The not-so-friendly "Friendship Bridge" between Nepal and Tibet

Porters carrying a truck's load past a washout

Zhang-Mu, our second night out

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