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I apologize for not having some super-slick method here. But the truth of the matter is that I simply don't know how to do it. We are, after all, Mountain Guides, not web designers.

However, this rather primitive method still works.

Here's how....

If you click on the link below, your email application will open. I have set it to enter a default subject and also a message that has a bit of text and also the URL to the web version of the Newsletter (it's the same as the one we sent to you).

Please fill in the email address of your friend. Also, we recommend that you personalize both the subject as well as the message so that your friend is actually more likely to read it (and not think it is just spam).

The email to your friend won't get sent until you tell your email program to send it.

Last, we do not receive any notification or other information about anyone to whom you send this, or any other email. Recipients won't get added to our mailing list unless they write to us directly and request it.

Thanks for doing this.

Kathy and Mark.

Click here to open your email program and compose an email to a friend.

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