Berner Oberland glacier trek • July 29 - August 4, 2019

Kathy was joined again this year by Yibing and her sister Yijie. The objective: a glacier trek through the Berner Oberland of Switzerland.


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On the left, Yijie; on the right, Yibing.


We began our trip with a long day, departing from Kandersteg up the Gasterntal, and hiking the long and steep trail to the Kanderfirn glacier. We pause as be break out from the valley fog near the glacier's edge.


Negotiating the messy moraine left behind by the retreating ice.


Stepping out onto the snow-free Kanderfirn, we leave that valley fog far behind.


We arrive at the cozy and friendly Mutthorn hut in time for afternoon tea.


Starting out early the next morning, we dress warmly for the pre-dawn chill.


Soon enough the sun is up and we're warm again, as we reach the crest of the Petersgrat.


An hour or two later, we're back in the land of living things.


Foot repair at the end of the long, steep descent.


Another day begins; we start out from the Annen hut, heading for another glacier.


Stepping onto the ice of the Langgletscher.


Popping into the sun once more as we approach the Hollandia hut.


Directly below the hut, we decide to do something different, and approach via the "Via Ferrata", just for grins and giggles.


Yijie looks excited about it!


Good entertainment.


Leaving the Hollandia hut the next morning, heading to the Konkordia hut.


A beautiful sunrise announces a sunny summer day.


Nearing the "Konkordia Platz", the snow is long gone.


The famous stairway to the hut is daunting from below!


Audacious, exciting. And a heck of a lot of work! Both to build, and to climb.


Our reward: the sunny terrace of the Konkordia hut.


Looking up at the Jungfraujoch from the terrace.


We happened to be here for the Swiss National Holiday. A special summer meal of salads galore, roasted sausages, and freshly baked buns was on offer.


The following morning dawned threatening, the forecast called for showers by mid morning. So we headed off early for our crossing of the Grünhornlücke.


The rain had caught us by the time we crested the pass. The Finsteraarhorn barely peeking out from the gathering clouds.


Navigating the mostly-bare glacier on the hut approach, we're looking forward to drying out soon.


The storm was over by the next morning, as we headed out toward the Oberaarjoch hut.


A sea of ice with all of its fascinating textures and shapes.


Around the corner, we climb once more into the snow zone.


The narrow but sunny terrace of the hut.


Another sunny morning for our 7th and final day, we descend the ladder from the hut.


Heading down the glacier for the last time.


Near the end of our glacier walk, the weather is flawless.


The Oberaarsee is just below us now.


All too soon, the trip comes to an end. Auf wiedersehen, glacier world, until the next time.

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