Cara Looper and friends in the Dolomites • July 16 - 25, 2019

Cara Looper and several of her friends came out from Texas to trek with Kathy in the Dolomites.

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The gals in all their splendor! From left to right: Tammy, Cara, Joan, Frannie and Elizabeth.


We began our trip with a popular "balcony" hike facing the Marmolada, the highest peak in the Dolomites and the only one with a glacier still persisting.


The last part of this day's hike tested our steep downhill legs; they passed the test!


Day 2 had us crossing a high col, still snow covered in places.


On the descent, we pass a lovely lake in the midst of the stony landscape.


Day 3, we dodge building squalls en route to the Sella Pass.


Day 4, we explore a rather obscure trail across a scenic traverse. A bit of bouldery challenge along the way.


Back on the main highway, the views never quit.


Nearing day's end.


Day 4, our objective is a summit, the Sass da Ciampac.


Nearing the summit, Cara signals encouragement.


We made it!


After a much needed rest day in Corvara, we headed out again, this time traversing over to Valparolo, near the Falzarego Pass.


Lovely lush meadows and swampy wetlands provided a change from the stony and austere terrain we had come to know thus far.


Dwarfed by the landscape.


Above the Passo Tre Croce.


We ended up in the famous Tre Cime area. Frannie in the middle of a fanciful garden of "stonemen" built by past hikers.


Too much flippin' beauty!


The famous Tre Cime disappearing under afternoon cumulus buildup.


Heading homeward after drinks at the Locatelli hut.


A last glowing patch of sunshine...


... before the rain set in. The hoards of day trippers head for shelter.


One good soaking to finish off an otherwise glorious week of trekking in nearly perfect weather! Thanks to all the group for the great effort, fun and good company.