Silvretta • April 15 - 19, 2019

The Urquhart family made their first ever hut trip to the Alps this year, joined by Kathy and Mark.

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Unrecognizable from left to right (a very cold day!): Alec, Jean, Emmie, Anwyn, and Mark.


We arrived just at the end of a snowfall, so our first day the snow conditions were ideal!


Enjoying the new snow en route to the Heidelberger hut.


Haven't had so much of this, this year!


Alec on the prowl.


Such great back country terrain, so close to a major ski area (Ischgl, with its jumbo lift in the background).


After a nice lunch in the hut, we took a lap up a nearby ridge.


Had to catch a bit more of this snow while it's fresh.


And back down to the hut we go!


The following morning is sunny and warm for our departure toward the Jamtal hut.


The long skin up to the pass is made enjoyable by the sunshine.


Skiers above us on the Breite Krone.


Mark makes a side trip above the pass.


And finds some steep soft snow!


A short video of the view from below.


From the Jamtal hut, we headed out on day 3 to ski the Hintere Jamspitze.


The summit, in perfect weather.


Alec, Anwyn, Emmie, and Jean, on the top!


A bit of cramponning to get back to our skis...


And of course it's always uphill to the hut at the end of the day.


The Jamtal hut and its scene, as we leave on day 4, for the Wiesbadener hut.


That smoking peak in the back is the Dreiländerspitze, the pass we have to cross is just to its right.


You can see by the tracks it's been a busy couple of days back in here!


Another cold start is about to warm up now that we're in the sunshine.


Another party heading up the hill.


Pausing on the glacier for a clothing adjustment.


Our lunch break in the lee of the col, hiding from the cold wind.


Preparing to head down to the Wiesbadener hut.


You can never get too many familiy portraits!


Our last morning, leaving the Wiesbadener hut in the cold.


Steep frozen slopes call for boot crampons here, to avoid the kick turns from hell!


Transitioning back to skins once the going gets gentler.


Very firm snow!


We're ready to start our final descent to Bielerhöhe, and eventually back to town.


We were too busy enjoying the rare corn snow to get pictures of the descent! But we landed in a good lunch spot beside the Silvretta Stausee.


The nordic track that leads toward home.


Back in Wirl, Spring is arriving!


It was a pleasure and a privilege to share the week's adventures with this fun and talented family! We wish them many happy future adventures in and out of the mountains.

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