Bob and Giovanna, alpine climbing • July 7 - 13, 2018

Bob and his wife Giovanna came back to the Alps this year. After last year's Chamonix to Zermatt Glacier Trek with Kathy, Bob in particular wanted to work on rock scrambling and get some peaks climbed, while Giovanna couldn't get enough of the high glacier expanses. Together they spent a week with Kathy in Switzerland, France, and just a bit of Italy.

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We began by heading in to the beautiful Moiry hut, high up in the Val d'Anniviers of Switzerland. Here, the approach to the Glacier de Moiry, which we climbed instead of the normal trail to the hut.


On our way to the hut, we took some time to practice ice climbing skills on a couple of steep walls.


From the glacier, it's a steep and sketchy path up meadows and boulders to the hut.


The effort is rewarded with one of the most beautiful huts in the Swiss alpine club system. The remodel and enlargement includes this wall to wall window, filled with the tumbling icefall of the Moiry glacier.


The lower reaches of the receding Moiry glacier in the evening sun, seen from the hut terrace.


The following morning Bob and Kathy headed up to the higher reaches of the glacier, en route to Pointe Mourti.


Climbers ahead of us on the Northeast Ridge, just getting underway.


The main rock difficulties behind us now, Bob nears the summit.


Heading back down, one gets just a hint of the scale of things.


An old photograph in the hut provides stark and detailed contrast between the glacier of the past, and that of the present.


On our third morning, Giovanna joined us for a climb of the Pigne de la Lé. Pointe Mourti is across the way, with the striking snowy ridge line.


On top of the Pigne de la Lé, Bob and Giovanna pose with the famous Matterhorn in the background (directly above Giovanna in this shot).


We then headed back to Chamonix, whence we headed through the Tunnel du Mont Blanc, up the Skyway to Point Helbronner. Taking in the views here before heading out onto the glacier for an extended "stroll".


Hut living! We spent the night in the conveniently located Rifugio Torino. The boot and gear room help keep the many guests organized.


The following morning, another beautiful one, Kathy and Bob headed down the glacier to climb the North Ridge of the Petit Flambeau. Two other climbers were on the same mission.


Bob maneuvers through some of the trickier sections about midway up the ridge.


The bottom part of the ridge is rock; the top ends in snow/ice. Looking up the last 100 meters or so.


Bob about halfway up the snow ridge.


And on the summit!


For our last outing, we headed up to the Albert Premier hut on the edge of the Tour Glacier. Our plan is to climb the Aiguille du Tour. Here, Giovanna gets started on the trail.


The dining room at the Albert Premier hut.


The next morning we get a pre-dawn start, along with most of the others in the hut. Looking in the window of the gear room as climbers prepare their packs.


We reach the glacier just shortly before down.


Our first glimpse of the sun is over the Col Superieur du Tour, stepping into Switzerland.


Climbers descending off the summit rocks as Bob and Kathy head up.


Bob on the upper part of the ridge, very near the summit now.


On top! A perfect morning for a summit climb.


All too soon, it's back to the lowlands. But what a great week with Bob and Giovanna! I hope they'll be back again another day.