5-day Silvretta Ski Tour with the Armstrong Clan • March 26 - 30, 2018

We were back in the Silvretta at the end of March, with the charming and talented Armstrong family!

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From left to right, Phil, Mark, C.D., Zand, Kathryn, Laura, Josh, and Kathy.


Arriving at the Heidelberger hut on day 1 in spitting snow.


The next day we headed for the Jamtal hut. We were in and out of clouds, with some really lovely sun breaks along the way.


The Jamtal hut is so near.... and yet so far. Doing our best snowboarder imitations. Or is it a porter strike? I think a snowball fight had something to do with it!


After a bowl of soup, the weather cleared for realz, so off we went for a lap above the hut.


Phil drops in at the top of a steep and fluffy bowl.


And Josh takes the lead!


A beautiful pitch of perfect snow. CD finds his own line.


Zand coming in hot!


And Laura nearing the finish line.


Day three, we're not quite sure what the weather is going to do.


We head up toward the Hintere Jamspitze, but caution about wind-loaded slopes keep us from summiting. We enjoy the sheltered slopes lower down.


Still heading up toward the Hintere Jamspitze...


We settled for a safer-of-access sub peak as our high point.


The sun makes its appearance.


A great run on the descent!


And time for another lap. This time we did get to a top, the Gemspitze. C.D., Laura, Phil and Josh on the summit ridge.


Day five was pretty sad weather with thick fog, warm temperatures and steady snowfall, but we did manage a half day sortie, to the Russkopf.


Some tantalizing views near the top.


Our last day, high avalanche hazard due to a very warm forecast, forced us down to town early via a conservative route. Still, lovely gliding down to the village through snow-flocked trees.


It's always sad to leave the high places behind, but a good time was had by all. It was a pleasure being part of this remarkable family for a few days!

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