Silvretta Ski Tour • February 24 - March 1, 2018

Our first tour of 2018 was to the Silvretta region, joined by friends old and new. The weather was beautiful, but the theme of the week was Siberian cold. Record breaking low temperatures prevailed throughout Europe for most of the week. And we were not spared up here in the mountains!

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No way we would any of us be identified in a line-up from this photo! Nevertheless, from left to right are Jim Wason, Toby Taylor, Sharon Grasso, John Wason, Scott Bradley, and Kathy


Our first challenge, was to get onto the lift system at the busy Ischgl ski area! Although a frightening sight, this crowd moved onto the lift and up the hill faster than you might at first think.


Once we got underway, we were soon out of bounds and headed for the hills.


We skinned up and over the Kronenjoch, in the background of this shot.


A look back from the Kronen Joch toward the Breite Krone. Warm sunshine and little wind at all, so far.


From here, it's a fairly straightforward descent to the Jamtal hut.


The wind had been on the snow in a fairly widespread fashion. We looked for the softest snow, and found some of it! But we also had to pull out our quiver of skills to deal with a variety of conditions.


The views never disappoint.


On day two, we headed up under a low ceiling of fog toward the Gamsspitze.


The fog soon burned off, leaving us in gorgeous sunshine and light airs.


Despite the sunshine and clement weather, the temperatures began to drop noticably as we neared the summit of the Gamsspitze.


A quick mostly horizontal scramble finishes off our climb.


A rather modern looking cross marks the top.


Not a lot of room for a picnic here!


Before heading back to the hut, we decided to make a loop of it by hopping over a narrow col into the Chalausferner glacier. Kathy dropping off the north side of the col.


Negotiating a brief narrow bit before the glacier.


At last back out into the sunshine! Woo hoo!


The comforts of hut living are at their best in the Jamtal hut! Afternoon soup and maybe a beer later.


Day three, we headed up toward the Hintere Jamspitze, in bright sunshine but very cold temperatures.


Sprinting through the shadows to the next patch of sun, was the name of the game.


Not many summit shots on this day, as we were in a big hurry to tag the summit in rising frigid winds!


John found us a sheltered spot in the lee of the ridge crest.


Jim searching for a face protection strategy as we head out on day 4.


Sharon has hit on a good combo.


Heading toward the Wiesbadener hut, the absence of wind made the temperatures seem quite moderate.


Much of the group took advantage of the calm air and relative warmth to tag the summit of the Dreiländerspitze.


Scrambling down the rocky ridge.


And more down.


Day five, our objective is to climb the Piz Buin. Although beautifully sunny, this day featured more biting winds, forcing us to climb in every stitch of clothing we had with us.


Heading up toward the Ochsentaler glacier.


The beauty of the early morning sun! We pause to enjoy its warmth for a moment...


before descending again into icy shadows.


Higher on the glacier, our goal slowly draws closer. Piz Buin is the peak to the left of the sun here.


Nearing the ski cache at last.


After a few very chilly sections of scrambling on mixed rock and snow on the north side, we again popped out into sunshine for the summit ridge.


But it was no day to linger! We headed back down after a quick summit celebration.


As we descended, the wind picked up to a proper howl! And sooooo coooooold!!! It seemed our timing on the top was just under the wire!


Back in the safety and warmth of the Wiesbadener hut, we recover slowly from our big chill.


Our last day, the temperatures moderated a great deal. Saying goodbye to the Wiesbadener hut, we bail down the valley in poor visibility and a strong tail wind.


Following the markers to stay on track!


Once down to the road, we were envious of a group of "ski safari"-ers catching a lift form the snow cat! But glad to return to town under our own steam, after all! Even gladder that we survived the "Siberian" cold spell of 2018, with all digits and noses intact! Back to warmth, central heating, and civilization, with enhanced appreciation for all of them. Thanks and congratulations to Scott, John, Sharon, Toby, and Jim, on another alpine adventure.

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