2 days in Chamonix with Andreas Lindstrom • August 15 - 16 2017

Andreas came over to Chamonix from Sweden to discover alpine climbing, with Kathy.

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We began with the "Via Corda Alpina", or "alpine rope trail", just out of Chamonix above Les Bois. A shady route on a hot day.


Andreas at the start of the belayed climbing.


Breaking out above the treeks, with the greater metropolitan area of Chamonix spread out below.


At the top, the charming buvette at Les Mottets is a welcoming spot for a cool drink, with views of the Mer de Glace (more like Mer de Stones this year) in the background.


On our second day we headed up higher, to the area around Point Helbronner, on the Vallée Blanche.


Our objective is the upper part of the foreground ridge in this photo, the "Petit Flambeau" North Ridge. Awe inspiring setting!


Partway up the ridge, we weave our way though the shattered rock along the ridge crest.


A bit higher along the ridge.


A view of the neaby Dent du géant and the busted up glacier of the same name.


Near the top, the rock part of the ridge ends and the rest is steep snow/ice along a shallow crest to the summit.


Nearing the top, the angle eases off.


On the summit! The Mer de Glace snakes away in the distance.


That's it for this time, here's looking foward to another visit. Thank you Andreas!

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